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Instagram Live For Your Small Business – An Instant Marketing Campaign

Instagram introduced its new live feature in 2016 and opened a door to a whole new side of the image sharing app. Stretching their still pictures to motion video, Instagram has provided small businesses with the opportunity to showcase their goods and services on a new level. Not sure how? Luckily for you, we’ve listed four tips that’ll help enhance current marketing strategies with Instagram Live for your small business.

Host A Q&A With Your Audience

Instagram is a live-streaming platform that provides you with the opportunity to broadcast your content to all of your followers through their feed. Generate further interaction between you and your customers by creating a post that is looking for their questions and then answer them in real time. This process will strengthen the connection you have with your followers and provide them with a raw look at your business. Giving users an immediate engagement adds another dimension to the communication portal between your business and them.

By holding a Q&A, you are placing a personal touch on answering popular and informative questions from your audience. It provides them with an opportunity to discover more about you and your business while still experiencing a one on one approach.

Instagram Live For Your Small Business

Behind The Scenes

Some business processes simply can’t be explained through text. Do you often find that consumers get confused with what you really do as a business? Then show them! Take them behind the scenes of your business, take them for a tour of your studio or warehouse, let them meet your staff and those who are behind the operation. Adding a human face to your company will provide you with the opportunity to connect further with your audience. By doing so, your viewers are able to see who is running the business and what kind of person both you and your colleagues are.

Instagram Live For Your Small Business

Live Stream A Class/ Tutorial Or A Demo Of Your Product

Have a product to demo or a contraption to build? Why not host a live stream tutorial or a class? It’s the easiest way to show your consumers how to use your products and services. Own a restaurant? Teach a live cooking class! The boundaries are endless when it comes to using Instagram Live for your small business, teaching your consumers more about your services is a great way to get the word out there. 

Instagram Live For Your Small Business

Announce A Contest Or A Giveaway Winner

So you’ve created a contest, or maybe even a giveaway, and posted it on your Instagram feed. How are you going to announce it? Don’t just post a new picture and tag the recipient of the prize, announce it live! Create videos that lead up to the announcement and get your followers involved. Provide them with a big unveiling – with a banner, opening a box or any other creative way you can think of. Think big and get streaming!

Instagram Live For Your Small Business

Instagram has provided you with a great way to make a further connection with your followers and consumers. Live streaming provides the outside world with a whole new outlook on your business and services, why not take advantage of it?

Thinking about using Instagram Live for your small business? Contact SponsoredLinX today on 1300 859 600 to find out more.