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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories – A Must Use Marketing Tool

Having only recently celebrated its first birthday, Instagram Stories has dominated the realm of live 24 hour video content and become an increasingly powerful marketing platform. With more that 200 million active users either filming or viewing the live content each day (40 million more than Snapchat), it’s obvious as to why many businesses have been quick to embrace a fresh content platform.

Now, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories but just in case, here’s the lowdown. Instagram Stories, simply put, are the same as Snapchat but with Instagram. Make the progression from thoughtfully curated and perfected content, Stories let users post both photos and videos on a story that disappears after 24 hours. Situated in bubbles at the top of your Instagram news feed, they are easily accessible and very noticeable to all of your followers. Here are the benefits to Instagram Stories and why you should utilise them when marketing your small business.

Shiny And New

Appearing for a while as though Instagram will only exist as a photo sharing app, the curators behind Instagram Stories have thrown a spanner in the works and injected new life into the seven-year-old social network. With over 500 million users at current, more and more have been turning to Stories, creating the potential for marketers to take advantage and advertise their brand. The stigma behind social media’s shiny new toy has brought new opportunity to the world of digital marketing, and you have Instagram to thank for it.

Instagram Stories

Test It Out

One of the main features of Instagram Stories is that they disappear after a period of 24-hours, you have been provided with an exceptional opportunity to test and experiment with new content and products without cluttering your followers news feeds. With the ability to post multiple Stories at once combined with Instagram Stories’ real-time analytics, you’re able to implement and track the success of a new campaign, product or service before you make it a permanent fixture to your social platform. PR Agency Green Door Co has provided a list of the most effective times to post on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Make A Connection

In contrast to the original idea behind the Instagram app, Instagram Stories are raw, unscripted and unedited content. There is no need to worry about editing or publishing the perfect photo because every user knows what Instagram Stories is all about. As a result, Instagram Stories create the opportunity for you to show your audience who you really are as a brand — a behind the scenes look if you will. It allows you to humanise your brand, and make a connection with your followers on a deeper, and more personal level.

Showcase Products And Offers

With its popularity proving steadily increasing, Instagram Stories is an ideal way to showcase any upcoming products and promotions as well as your brand in general. Give your viewers a first look at new items or sales, build interest through your story, and place a call to action at the end enticing them to buy. Instagram Stories created a ‘Swipe Up’ option that can be placed onto your photos or videos with a link to your website. This direct path provides an opportunity to convert viewers into customers while seeing exactly what they are buying.

Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories has created the ideal platform for marketers to broadcast their products to the public. Along with the standard Instagram photo posts, small businesses now have the opportunity to market their brand in a new and exciting way. Why not take advantage of them? They’re free!

If you’re wanting to know more about how you can utilise Instagram Stories for your small business, contact one of our social media experts today on 1300 859 600.