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#Brand Your Business

Hashtags (#) are a symbol used on social media to make it easier to find content relating to a specific theme or trend. The first hashtag was created by social technology expert, Chris Messina in 2007 with the intent to use it for groups. Now, businesses and brands use hashtags to reach their target audience by tagging keywords relevant to their niche. This article will explore some simple and actionable ways to find the best hashtags for your business.

Hashtags simplify the searching process as each search pulls results of each post using that hashtag. Users will then likely spend time looking through the content brought up by that hashtag. Google is also capable of analysing your website and ads via your hashtags. Using hashtags cross-platform is a great way to get exposure for your business and allow your content to be found by potential customers you may not have been able to reach before social media. Below is a list of ways to help you find those lucky little words that will expose your business to a wider audience.

Competitor Hashtags

Assuming you’re new to the whole hashtag side of marketing, the first thing to do would be to search who the big leagues are in the industry. These influencers may give you a better understanding of the best hashtags for your business. A great tool to help you find those relevant words or phrases is Twitonomy. Simply input the Twitter handle of your competitor or influencer and an analysis on the hashtags they have used will appear.

hashtags for your business

Trending Hashtag

A trending hashtag is a word or phrase that has become popular with many people posting content talking about that topic. Finding trending hashtags is quite simple on most sites, and some even work cross-platform. Finding trending hashtags for your business can be a great asset in gaining exposure. Engaging with trending hashtags exposes your content to a massive audience and can potentially lead to, well, more leads and traffic. While it’s not putting you in front of ideal customers only, it is free. It’s even possible to use phrases and words in a unique and abstract way to make them fit your niche. Check out the photos below of how Denny’s and Oreo used trending tags to promote their business.

hashtags for your business


hashtags for your business

Create Your Own Signature Tag

This can prove valuable when creating or enhancing brand awareness. Keep it short, sweet and memorable. Make it consistent and unique and use it across all your social media channels. Monitor your tag to respond to people using them. When a customer purchases one of your products, ask them to post it online using your signature tag. Offer rewards to encourage this involvement – like a discount on their next purchase. Create a game or competition out of it. Take Audi for example –  when they saw someone send out a Tweet using the hashtag #WantAnR8, Audi quickly created a campaign where anyone who posted a Tweet with that hashtag would go in the running for a new Audi R8. The result? An astronomical increase with that hashtag, and free advertising for Audi.

hashtags for your business


To find the best hashtag for your business, go back to basics. The simplest way to find a relevant hashtag is by looking at the content itself. What is the subject, the topic of discussion? Additionally, check out customer conversation – yours or your competitors. If people are talking about a brand, look at the hashtags they use, and how they use them. Learning how your customers’ talk is a great way to figure out the best way to appeal to them. Don’t forget that there are several hashtag research tools that compile, analyse and organise the trending and frequently used hashtags. Keep in mind that all hashtags must be relevant to your post and your brand, product or service.

hashtags for your business

If you wish to build a social media base and grow your business then it’s essential you attach a powerful hashtag to your brand. Keeping a watchful eye on your competitors and industry influencers can give you an idea of what your targeted customers attach themselves to. Using trending hashtags is a great way to show your followers that you’re human and that you’re not always ‘just business’. Creating a signature tag is a valuable asset, but research knowledge will always be helpful.

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