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Some Quick Tips on Video SEO!

Everyone knows the average person has a short attention span online. For many people a few seconds is enough time to evaluate a website and then leave. However statistics show that when viewing video content they are willing to spend an average of 2.7 minutes watching a video online. That’s very significant when you think about how much information you can convey in that time. People might not have the patience to read the important content you write, but if you put it into a video they’ll be happy to sit and watch.

Many companies spend the resources required to produce quality video content but fall in a hole by not focusing on getting more people to actually view that content. With search engines constantly improving video SEO has become a very valuable tool that can help your business utilize the quality video content you produce. Video SEO can get complicated but there are a few things you should keep in mind when getting started.

  • Create a video sitemap – This is an obvious one. You want to make sure search engines can find your video content easily and this is the best way. It’s fairly easy to do using Webmaster Tools or through your Wistia account depending on where your video is hosted.
  • Have clear descriptions – Once you know the search engines can find your content you want them to know exactly what the video is about so it will come up in relevant searches. Traffic that isn’t relevant won’t help you. A good keyword rich description is a big step towards this.
  • Upload a transcript for your videos – Google can read the transcript of the videos you upload so make sure to have the important keywords actually spoken in the video to help Google understand what the video is about. Wistia can do this for you for a small fee and YouTube can generate it automatically but you’ll want to check to ensure it heard the words correctly.
  • Encourage viewer engagement – As long as your content engages the viewer and encourages them to interact with the video through comments etc you’re on the right track. This not only helps with rankings but engagement tends to feed on itself and can cause things to go viral!

Have any questions about video SEO? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to help!