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How SEO and AdWords Go Hand in Hand:

There seems to be a growing trend of people seeing AdWords and SEO as alternatives, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Many businesses that see it this way develop the online marketing strategy of running AdWords until they rank on Google organically and then turning off the AdWords. This strategy is a flawed one that could be costing those businesses growth. In fact, AdWords and SEO support each other very well in several ways.

Everyone uses Google differently and there are some people who only click on the paid ads section because that’s at the very top of the page. Conversely there are other users who understand they are ads and only click on the organic listings. By not doing either AdWords or SEO you’re immediately cutting off your visibility to a segment of the market. For those people who don’t have a preference between ads and organic you can give yourself two spots on Google’s first page and double your chances of getting them to your website by doing both AdWords and SEO.

Organic listings and the free clicks they provide are a definite pro for SEO but they have their limitations. SEO efforts focus on exact match phrases but with AdWords you can use broad matches and still have access to those consumers who aren’t typing in the exact keywords you’re targeting with your SEO. Without using AdWords correctly, a business will simply not have any access to those consumers.

AdWords is also a fantastic source of data which provides invaluable statistics on the performance of different keywords. The ability to change keywords at any time and see how they perform is a level of flexibility and speed that SEO simply can’t match. With SEO being a long term investment any business should strongly consider compiling some data through AdWords to see what works and what doesn’t before launching a full scale SEO campaign.

After that AdWords can continue to be used in supporting new products and testing different directions so that future SEO efforts are also launched in the right directions. And at the end of the day if AdWords is bringing in more money than it’s costing, why would you turn it off?