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Social Media Marketing For Mobile

Social Media Marketing For Mobile Optimised Campaigns

In an age where mobile is at its most popular, it is no surprise to find that people now spend more time on their smartphones than they do their desktop computers. In addition to relying on portable hand-held devices to easily access their texts or emails, users often use them to browse on social media. A study conducted shows that the average person spends over 170 minutes a day on their smartphone device with 80% of those saying that they use their mobile often in any given day. With this increase in smartphone use and an obvious preference for mobile devices over laptops and computers, there’s no question as to whether or not marketers should focus on social media marketing for mobile devices as opposed to desktop.

Customise For Mobile

It is vital that all of your social media platforms look visually appealing for both desktop and mobile devices. Take the time to access the appearance all of your social media profiles on iPhone and Android devices, in order to grasp the current user experience. By doing so, you’ll be able to observe your current profile layout, any graphics, content, format and the overall appeal that you have for your audience and consumers. Often, many social media channels create an appealing business page from your first set up, however, they cannot assess which aspects of your business marketing that are most important for you. For example, the ‘Pinning’ option on Facebook is often used to highlight the most relevant post on your page to ensure that your followers are viewing your featured content.

Social Media Marketing For Mobile

Let Them Find You

A study conducted by Google displays three out of four mobile searches results in customer activity. A large portion of users check social media to find suggestions in order to locate specific businesses nearby according to their need at any given time. Ensuring that your contact details on your social media site, specifically your address, business hours and approximate pricing, are correct is imperative to bringing in and retaining these consumers. Although users may not search for your business name directly, by having these details readily available, you are creating an easily accessible pathway to your business.


social media marketing for mobile

Tailor-make Your Social Media

With a large majority of mobile search activity taking place between 3 pm and midnight, it is highly recommended that you tailor your social media marketing for mobile devices to operate within these hours in order to target users. By doing so, you are bringing more opportunity to your business by accessing a larger audience that is readily available within this time frame. Alternatively, you can also target your social media to become advantageous towards the areas in which are lacking for your business. For example, if you are in the food industry and experience slow periods within certain times, you can advertise on your social media any specials or sales targeted towards your audience that are only available for a limited time (e.g. for the next two hours). As a result, your audience is more likely to take advantage of the specials as they are only within a limited time frame.

Social Media Marketing For Mobile

Mobile friendly social media marketing is an ideal platform for businesses as it offers more reach and successful outcomes. By creating a profile that optimally displays your business to mobile users, you are opening the door to more opportunity for your brand and revenue. Making small adjustments to your social media business pages in order to make them more appealing to mobile users creates the potential for you to grow and succeed.

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