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e-Commerce Myths That Need Busting

Online shopping is a constantly evolving industry with many misconceptions about what makes a good e-commerce store and what marketing essentials it should entail in advertising efforts. With the world becoming more and more reliant on technology and our expectations of what we expect of online retailers, it can be hard to cater to and encourage a purchase all in your first shot. To help you create the most optimised online store, we’ve busted three common e-commerce myths!

My Products Will Sell Themselves

Chances are, there’s a lot of companies out there that do what you do which means you’re competing with them to get the sale. Not creating a marketing strategy to sell your products is not going to help you in this. Even though you run an online store, you need to ensure that you establish a personalised relationship with your customers that still gives them the experience of shopping at a retail store but from the comfort of their own home. Really delve into the customer’s mind through your buyer persona and discover what you think they need — whether it be to chat to an online sales consultant or to receive a discount when they make their first purchase — there’s something for each type of consumer.

e-commerce myths

Revenue Is The Only Important Metric

Revenue is what makes your business run, but you can’t overlook those other important KPIs that will produce revenue for you. Other metrics, such as your conversion rate, bounce rate and cost per click can give you a better understanding of how your business is performing. By measuring these metrics, you can assess the strength of your website and marketing efforts. You may discover that your landing pages aren’t matching your ads or encouraging visitors to convert. Maybe your content is captivating enough and isn’t engaging your target audience. These are all things that can affect your revenue and it pays (or earns) to focus on the bigger picture.

We Need To Reach Everyone

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — increasing your traffic is not always the best goal for your business. You need to have motivated and relevant traffic that you can turn into conversions. There’s no point gaining dead-end leads that produce a higher bounce rate as this will make your website drop on search engine rankings. Having people click back from your page can signal to search engines that you’re not providing value to your visitors and if you’re targeting people who aren’t in your ideal demographic then this is likely true. Narrowing your list to a more suitable audience can boost your search engine rankings which will, in turn, make you more visible to others you may not have initially thought to target.

As an e-commerce platform, it’s essential to create a presence that’s welcoming and informative, but it’s equally important to establish a personalised experience for your visitors. By looking at the bigger picture, you’re more likely to create stronger content that will give you more credibility with search engines. Through this, you will see a boost in relevant traffic which will, in turn, produce a higher revenue for you with an increased conversion rate.

Have you fallen prey to some of these e-commerce myths and need some assistance optimising your online store? Contact our digital marketing experts at SponsoredLinX today on 1300 859 600!