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Email Marketing Topics: Non-Newsletter Edition

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels. It’s great for keeping current clients up to date and even more useful for sourcing and establishing new customers. If you’re under the impression that email marketing doesn’t work for your business, perhaps it’s time to review your tactics. A general monthly newsletter just isn’t going to make the cut anymore. It’s time to test and try some new email marketing topics and see what your audience is more likely to respond to. Here are a few of our ideas.


Everyone loves a saving and statistics show that email headings that announce discounts and sales tend to have a higher opening rate — as long as you make it worth it. A 5% discount isn’t going to be enough to motivate a prospect. No one likes missing out either, so ensure you create a sense of urgency by adding ‘Today Only’ or ‘While Stocks Lasts’. It’s especially helpful to send these types of emails around the holiday seasons like Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget about the lesser-known days like International Pet Day and the likes.

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It’s good to let your subscribers know that their voices are a valuable asset to your business. Surveys are a great way to ask for customer feedback or to grow your business by asking what they want to see next. Don’t make it too difficult for your audience to participate either. Try providing a 1-10 scale where they can just click a number and add any additional notes should they wish to provide reasons or advice. If you’re seeking feedback, you can use the responses to display on your website or online profiles. Additionally, if you receive negative feedback, this could bring something to your attention that you otherwise may not have noticed.

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Celebrating your company’s anniversary or win a new award (like we did recently at the Anthill Cool Company awards)? Maybe you have a new product being launched (such as LinX) or services being upgraded and improved (our Convertopages 2.0 is an example). Emails are a great way to keep your customers in the loop with what’s happening behind the scenes in your business. Your success and growth shows them that they’ve chosen to be associated with a company that is professional and reputable. It gives them the feeling of more investment in your business and even play a part of your success.

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When you take the time creating valuable content for your followers, it’s understandable that you want to be proud and show it off. Adding your most popular blog or most viewed video to your email can help keep it in circulation — and it can’t hurt to add social share buttons to it. You can also try adding free resources like eBooks and webinars to really drive those open rates.

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It’s important to stay creative with your email marketing topics and keep the content relevant and valuable to your readers. You have to think outside the box or else your customers are going to be hitting that unsubscribe button and you may never see a purchase from them again. Keeping your emails fresh, attractive and informative can get you one step closer to your next business goal whether it be new leads or a larger online presence. 

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