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Boost Your Digital Presence! 5 Tactics To Try Today!

The term “digital presence” is one that’s shifted almost yearly. So what does it mean right now?

It’s the sum of everything that people can find out about your business on the internet. These data points are often sadly neglected, despite only needing small time investment and a systematic approach to increasing your visibility. Everything I’ll be listing here today is in the realms of your control.

In 2007, a website with a handful of HTML pages was enough to exist online. Fast forward a decade, and that same page may as well not exist, given there are a billion and counting websites in existence, which means getting lost in the crowd is now almost guaranteed unless you take steps to stand out. In order to boost your digital visibility, you need to make use of several tools that work harmoniously – websites, social media, blogs, as well as digital advertising, local search optimisation, newsletters and more.

The following tactics are the best ones to follow for a quick digital presence boost.

Optimise Your Website

The reality is a large number of small business still don’t have a website. They’re either lacking the resources or rely totally on Facebook. However, most people begin a product search via an online query, and not having a website is a mistake. Start working on it, there are multiple resources , both free and paid, for you to try.

It needn’t be overly complicated either. A simple site with a few pages to showcase what you do, your contact information, a biography and some testimonials will be enough. Optimise it (meaning, put the time and/or the money in) to ensure it loads quickly, it works seamlessly on mobile and that it looks good.

If you’ve given yourself a week to boost your digital presence then all you’ll need is Monday to create your site and register your URL. Take the time to research how to optimise it, and once it’s done it’s done it doesn’t need any more major adjustments.

Digital presence

Email Marketing & Guest Posting

Despite all the new ways of boosting a digital presence, these two will always remain essential. Email marketing still ranks as one of the most effective customer attraction tools, even more so than social media. An email marketing list should be customised by segmenting your receivers (like splitting new and existing clients), creating personalised messages, sending emails on a schedule and analysing your metrics to see what works and what didn’t, and adjusting to suit.

As for guest blogging, when done right you’re giving yourself new exposure and credibility. Getting your work featured in a major site like a news organisation or somewhere like Mashable is an incredible opportunity as those sites have massive authority, and a link back from a major organisation is worth its weight in gold.

It’s in your best interest to identify the major players in your industry and make contact with them to see if any type of feature is possible. It may cost you, but it’s a worthy investment.

Digital presence

Social Media

Firstly, choose your social channels carefully. Research to see where your target audience spends their time and get active. Without a social media voice, you’re missing countless growth opportunities.

Staying active and having a posting schedule can do wonders for your brand. There’s no sure-fire way to go viral, but, if you don’t play you’ll never win! At SponsoredLinX, we deal with small businesses who either put all their eggs in the website basket or all their eggs in the Facebook basket.

Split your eggs, each basket requires its own set of practices. It’s vital you keep a handle on both.

Digital presence

Blog It

The content you create and share on a personal or business blog can be shared everywhere, and the more places it’s shared the better for your digital presence. Ensure everything your business published is articulate and informative. It should refer to your client’s issues and how to solve them using your business (kind of like we’re doing right now)!

Keep it fresh and set yourself a goal to post at least twice a week in order to create an organic following, provide fresh information about your brand and naturally improve your SEO rankings.

This will lead to higher website traffic, bringing in more leads and inevitably more conversions. It really is a tried and tested formula!

Digital presence

Let’s Get Visual (Visual, I Wanna Get Visual…)

If you want a deeper connection between your brand and your audience, you need to make your content visually appealing. Enrich your content with eye-catching and relevant imagery. However, if you wish to take it one step forward then you should start thinking about video. Good content marketing goes hand-in-hand with good SEO.

Create various types of videos like an ‘about us’, explainers or demonstrations, and watch your SEO rankings climb through the roof.

With the following five steps you will improve your business’s digital presence guaranteed! A strong online visibility will establish your voice as one with authority, and increase your reputation as well as your credibility!

Digital presence

Still looking for more? Growing small business online is exactly what we do! Call SponsoredLinX on 1300 859 600 today!

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