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Affordable Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Alternative And Affordable Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

It’s not often that your small business’s’ budget allows for large and strongly targeted marketing campaigns. Luckily for you, your budget doesn’t have to be big in order to make you successful. Below, we’ve provided you with four quick affordable marketing tips for small businesses to get you thinking outside the box and moving forward.

1. Get A Bit Personal

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to make something yours? If your services or products have the potential to be personalised, give your customers the chance to do so. If your product allows for branding, then you’re sitting on untapped potential. To start, offer free monogramming or engraving. Own a cafe? Set frosting aside to personalise your daily muffins or cupcakes. By adding the personal touch it gives your customers a greater incentive to purchase your product.

Affordable Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

2. Survey Your Current Customers

Not sure what your customers want? Ask them! The results from a survey can potentially provide you with enough information for to guide your current marketing campaign as well as those in the future. Surveys are an insightful way to get inside your customer’s psyche. This is how you find out what works, what doesn’t and where you need to go from here. An example of effective questions for a successful survey is seen here.

Affordable Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

3. Make It A Contest

Engage with your customers by creating fun contests and get them involved. For example, create promotions that require your customers to take a photo with your product and the best photo wins. ‘The Photo Society’ created a competition with their Instagram followers earlier this year with incentives for the best photo winner. This creates an opportunity for your customers to spread the word about both your product and the competition. Your customers need the incentive to put the effort in. If you can create a competition or a giveaway, you are producing a quality form of marketing for your business.

Affordable Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


4. Simply Say Thank You

Some businesses look past the fact that a little can go a long way. Studies have shown that saying thank you has greatly increased the percentage of customers that were most likely to return to or reuse a service. It’s a simple gesture that is often passed off by businesses. Why not host an event and ask all of your clients to attend? Send a personal email every time someone purchases a product from your business or if you have the available resources, send a thank you letter.

Affordable Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

You don’t need to have a big budget to create quality marketing for your business. Whether you create a competition for your consumers, or simply thank them for their support, expanding and gaining a large following is now simple and affordable. Hopefully, by using some of the affordable marketing tips for small businesses that we have provided for you, your business will grow in no time.

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