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7 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Absolutely ANY Type of Business

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away, which means that preparations and marketing efforts for your business should already be underway. But if you haven’t started marketing and preparing just yet, it’s not too late!

We’ve got a few ideas in this post to help you brainstorm some ideas that can help you maximise your marketing efforts for this coming Mother’s Day.

After all, Mother’s Day is often one of the biggest and busiest days of the year for most businesses. In a 2018 poll by the National Restaurant Association, for example, marked that about 87 million adults had made plans to go to a restaurant on Mother’s Day. This holiday is also considered the third highest day of the year for flowers and plants sales.

So if you’re not sure yet how to market your business this coming Mother’s Day, here are a few suggestions…


Promote a Sale or Launch a Giveaway 

The most obvious idea, of course, would be to launch a Mother’s Day sale or giveaway on the days leading up to the day itself. A Mother’s Day sale can help you raise awareness of both the holiday and your business.

Mother’s Day exclusive coupons, for example, are a good way to promote your products and services and help boost the volume of sales for the month. And by limiting the validity of the coupons for Mother’s Day only will prompt customers to avail of it before the coupon expires.


Create a Gift Guide

More often than not, most people are not sure just what to get their mothers just yet. This is where you can come in to save the day with a Mother’s Day gift guide.

Publishing a gift guide on your website not only helps you increase traffic on your site, but it also encourages customers to check out and purchase what products and services you’re ‌offering. 

What’s more, you can also partner up with other brands or businesses as an affiliate so that you can get a small commission every time a customer purchases something that can’t be found inside your store. It’s a good way to drum up both sales and brand awareness.

One thing that’s interesting to note, though, is that based on a 2021 YouGov poll, that surveyed mothers in America, their top picks for gifts were a card, flowers, and/or a special experience with their family.


Bundle Products & Services Together

Bundling products and services is the perfect way to attract new and returning customers. If you’re a spa, for example, you can create a bundle that pairs a massage session with massage oils that customers can take with them and relive the experience at home.

When it comes to bundles, you can either pair a couple of your products and services together to create the ultimate Mother’s Day experience, or you can collaborate with other brands and businesses. Both are good ways to maximise your reach and gain new customers and followers.


Promote Mother & Child Discounts

One thing that is sometimes overlooked in Mother’s Day promotions is the inclusion of kids in the promo. Often kids will get their Mothers a day at the spa or the salon but are excluded from the discounts and services.

By having a Mother-Daughter promotion, you not only increase your sales, but you also help these families create good and lasting memories of having availed of your services, and it’s those memories that will prompt them to return not just on Mother’s Day, but throughout the rest of the year as well.


Offer FREE Shipping

For eCommerce businesses, one of the best things you can offer your customers is free shipping. In the U.S. 55% of consumers have said that free shipping is the main reason that they would choose to purchase online than at a retailer. Additionally, about 73% of consumers have also said that they’re more likely to purchase online if there is free shipping.


Host a Mother’s Day Event

If, based on YouGov’s poll, a special family experience is one of the top gifts that mothers would like to receive on Mother’s Day, then hosting a local event for Mother’s Day has the potential to attract many of the moms in the area.

Your business could host a wine tasting event, a workshop for cooking, baking, or flower arrangement, a scavenger hunt, a film-showing event, or even a fun game night.

You could take this a step further by having an annual event every Mother’s Day, encouraging your patrons to turn this into one of their family traditions.


Create a Hashtag Campaign with User-Generated Content

Lastly, for digital marketing, you can leverage social media by building a hashtag campaign that encourages followers to post pictures of themselves with their mothers. This could be a simple brand awareness campaign to bring in more views for your products, promotions, or gift guide, or you could hold a contest and reward some of your followers.


Make The Most Out of Mother’s Day With the Experts At SponsoredLinX

It doesn’t take much to market and promote your business for Mother’s Day. Now that you’ve got seven ideas to help you make the most out of your Mother’s Day promotions, why not stick around for more tips? Keep an eye on our blog or get in touch with a marketing expert today and help your business reach new heights. The team at SponsoredLinX can help your business thrive with innovative Google Shopping strategies. Contact the SponsoredLinX team today to discover even more ways to make your business boom!