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Password Security & Strength

Put up your hands if you are guilty of writting down secure passwords and sticking them under the keyboard? ok put down your hands. Let me discuss some password tips to stop this bad practise.


Many believe a good password means it is impossible to remember. Stop thinking of a good password being a series of random letters, numbers and other characters which doesnt mean anything and is impossible to keep track of. Think of a password as being a phrase and a set of rules which you can easily store in your head to recreate your secure passwords on the fly. You may pick and remember a funny phrase and your rules may be to use the first letter of each word in the phrase, every third letter is capitalised, with each number in your age placed at the start and end of the password.


Using the phrase “a locked door keeps out the evil” with the rules listed above as an example would create a password “3alDkoTe4” which is secure, cant be easily guessed and not a common or dictionary word used by automatic cracking computer software. Be creative with your own rules, add in other characters like ‘$#@%&’ in locations only you know. Pick a phrase which is easy to recall and remember and stop the need to write down your passwords for good. Keep your banking, personal and business passwords safe and secure and stop the possibility of your identity being compromised or stolen. People continuously underestimate what a hacker can do with access to your personal information.