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Digitise and Automate

Gone are the days of carbon copy quotes and ledger books, having to file and catalog all these paper documents in document storage rooms is time consuming and of course takes up space which could be utilised in more productive ways. Save money and space by switching to a paperless digital office.

Instead of printing and posting documents look at ways to digitise and electronically send the documents via email direct to your clients in a fraction of the time and cost compared to posting. Informational documents can be automatically emailed by utilising your website in different ways.

Think of your website as an electronic office which is open 24/7 where a client can visit anytime and seek information or products without the challenge of staffing requirements around the clock. Automatically email digital documents upon a website request saving time and money.

Changing your office culture from paper to electronic may seem like a huge challenge, but start with digitising the most frequent paper document printed each day. The extra time and productivity you gain will encourage the change to a completely paperless office.