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Cloud Computing Explained

I’m sure everyone has heard the term “Cloud Computing” being the new buzz phrase on the internet, but what is it? In essence Cloud Computing is used to describe hosted services, whether it be storage, infrastructure or software.
As an example millions of people have moved away from running email software on their computers to cloud based email providers such as Google GMail or MSN Hotmail.
For those of us who are traveling between offices in other states, this means that where ever you are you can access your email simply from any internet ready computer to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends.
The other benefit to any Cloud service which is often over looked by many, is the concept of store-and-forget in terms of backing up and keeping your important data safe and secure. Traditionally data stored on your personal computer would need to be backup on a regular basis which was time consuming or could easily be forgotten.
By storing data in the cloud all that is handled by the cloud service provider, so your data is safe and can be accessed 24/7 where ever you are in the world, free of the hassle of out dated systems.