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March Digital Marketing Industry Updates

Twitter Introduces Twitter Shops for eCommerce Brands

Twitter has recently been experimenting with a new feature called Twitter Shops. Only available so far for select merchants in the U.S., Twitter Shops might eventually prove to be a helpful tool for eCommerce businesses that want to increase their exposure and revenue on Twitter.

Brands and businesses that want to take advantage of the opportunity will be able to create a shop featuring up to 50 items in their shops. A “View Shop” button will appear on their profile page after a business enables their Twitter Shop, and users will be able to make purchases through an in-app browser from the merchant’s website.

Should Twitter decide to roll out Twitter Shops, it could provide yet another channel for brands and businesses to leverage.

Google Introduces Vehicle Ads for Auto Sellers

More and more people are using the web to search for auto purchase options, with 95% of vehicle buyers using digital as their source of information. These ads will help auto sellers maximise their exposure and responses on Google. The vehicle ads require auto advertisers to create an inventory data feed and connect it to Google’s Merchant Centre. For users searching for vehicles to purchase, they’ll be served ads of nearby cars for sale. Currently, only available in the U.S., Google plans to release the vehicle ads to more countries soon.

Facebook Adds New Tool to Help Manage & Grow Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are still a great way to increase exposure and generate engagement amongst one’s followers. That said, Facebook has added some new features to help Facebook group admins manage their communities.

First up is the automatic decline of incoming posts that have been identified by third-party fact-checkers as false or misleading. This will help prevent misinformation from spreading and reduce the overall visibility of misinformation.

Another new feature is the expansion of the “mute” functionality into
“suspend”. This function will allow admins and moderators to suspend group members from posting, reacting, participating in group chat, or creating and entering a Room in a group.

In terms of growing a Facebook Group, QR codes have now been made available for group admins to download, copy, and share. Once scanned, the codes will then direct users to the group’s About page, where they can request to join the group.

New ‘Related Search for Content’ for Google AdSense

AdSense has long been a tool to help online publishers monetise their websites and apps. Recently, Google has introduced “Related search for content” to help create a more relevant experience both for users and advertisers. The new feature works similarly to suggested content, wherein users are redirected to other pages on the publisher’s website that are related to the content they’re currently viewing. This aims to help improve site engagement as well as increase traffic, page views, and impressions. Google also stressed that this is a ‘privacy-preserving solution’ that serves relevant ads without the use of cookies or exposing user data. If you’re looking to activate AdSense for search, contact you account manager to help you activate it on your AdSense account.