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Digital Marketing Updates – January

You Can Now Pin Products at the Top of Your Local and Google Maps Listings!

Google released a new feature late last year for Google Business Profiles (formerly known as Google My Business) that allows users to place products at the top of their listings. To find this new feature, simply go to your product listing and then look for the tick box that says, “Mark as Special”. This should bring that product to the top of your listings, giving it more visibility and exposure for users that visit your Google Business Profile and allowing you to push certain products in your product catalogue.

Instagram Testing New Feed Options for App Home Screen

One thing that most users loved about the earlier years of Instagram was that they got to scroll through their feed chronologically, and not based on an algorithm that mostly showed them posts from accounts they often engaged with. Recently, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri posted an update on his account about how they were testing two new chronological feed types: Favourites, and Following. The “Favourites” feed works similarly to Facebook’s “See First” feature wherein you create a list of favourite accounts that you follow and the app will show posts from this list in chronological order. The second feed, “Following”, will be a chronological arrangement of posts just based on accounts you follow.

Facebook Removing 4 Ad Targeting Categories

This month, Facebook has removed 4 major categories along with niche segments that are rarely used. The move is a fulfilment of Facebook’s promise to scale back on advertiser targeting settings, which stemmed from the rising concern from users who feel that they are being identified based on their connection to certain health conditions, demographics, or social causes. The 4 major categories that Facebook is removing this January are: health causes, sexual orientation, religious practices and groups, and political beliefs. For businesses targeting some of these categories, it might be a good idea to have a chat with your account manager to brainstorm some ideas as we move forward with the changes in targeting.



Advanced Search for Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter has currently been testing advanced search tools for direct messages on its platform. The option would allow users to search through all their DMs for certain keywords and mentions. This would make it easier for users to sort through their Twitter chats for specific topics and would be especially helpful with streamlining customer service responses on Twitter. Of course, there would be some privacy considerations involved with an advanced search such as this, but overall, it would be a helpful tool for small businesses and social media managers to make use of.