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April Digital Marketing Industry Updates

Fresh Updates for Instagram’s Ranking Algorithm and Hashtags

Instagram has stepped up its efforts to make the platform more relevant and engaging for users. Recently, it’s been looking to add more changes and features such as an update in its ranking algorithm.
In a Twitter post, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said that, “Creators are so important to the future of Instagram, and we want to make sure that they are successful and get all the credit they deserve.” Instagram has since added new ways to tag: Product Tags and Enhanced Tags, and have increased rankings for originality as well.
Additionally, they’re looking at improving the value and impact of hashtags. Adjustments are being made to how top posts rank on hashtag pages. The company is hoping that these changes will help in increasing engagement for content.

Is TikTok Testing Search Ads?

TikTok’s search results are now getting ad placements. The beta test was spotted by David Herrmann, president of Herrmann Digital, a paid social advertising company. Hermann shared a screenshot of the new feature on Twitter, noting that keyword targeting is not yet available to advertisers, just placements.
The addition of ad placements in search results gives advertisers opportunities to reach users on this highly engaging platform, especially as TikTok is actually a platform with high purchasing intent, as further proven by the popularity of the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Companies keen on developing an omnichannel approach should look no further than TikTok to find more opportunities for advertising.

Google Introducing a New Multisearch Feature

Have you ever had the experience wherein you tried to find something online but didn’t have the exact words to express it? Google’s testing out its new Multisearch feature for just that purpose.
Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe, a dining set to go with your dinner table, or instructions on how to take care of a plant whose name you don’t know, the Multisearch function uses text and images at the same time to help you clarify your search. You can screenshot a particular top or bottom and add in “blue” or “purple” to find the piece in a different colour. You can also snap a photo of your orchids and add “care instructions” to find out how to help them flourish.
The feature is still being beta-tested in English in the U.S., and is best and often used for shopping queries, which means that should it be rolled out globally, it could potentially change the way most users search online.

Twitter Testing Out its “Edit” Function

Are you tired of having your Tweets exist on your profile full of typos and misspellings? For the longest time, an “edit” function has been the most-requested upgrade from Twitter users. And now the company is finally working out a solution to solve that problem. In a recent tweet this month, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal suggested that they are indeed working on an edit function.
The way that Twitter is managing the edit feature includes an edit history. Reverse-engineer Jane Manchun Wong, said on Twitter: “Looks like Twitter’s approach to Edit Tweet is immutable, as in, instead of mutating the Tweet text within the same Tweet (same ID), it re-creates a new Tweet with the amended content, along with the list of the old Tweets prior of that edit.” This change would certainly be a suitable compromise with Twitter’s long-standing rebuttal for why they were against tweets being edited and giving users what they’ve been asking for.