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Winning the Game – Dynamic Remarketing

Have you noticed that whilst you’re browsing the internet, there are ads which seem to follow you around from previous websites you have visited? This is a clever application called Remarketing, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. This feature has experienced an improvement, and that is what we’re here to discuss, and thus Dynamic Remarketing was born.

Remarketing, which is Dynamic Remarketing’s predecessor, functions so that ads will follow and advertise to browsers who have in the past visited your website. This is great for brand awareness, but it’s not specifically targeted to your customers’ behaviour; Dynamic Remarketing is. If a customer viewed goods on your website, say for example a woman was browsing women’s leather purses, and then moved on with her browsing; your Remarketing ads would then follow and show any other product your website may sell, i.e. men’s shoes, to the woman who was previously browsing purses. While the two products come from the same online website (your business) why would this woman be interested in men’s shoes when you know she was previously viewing women’s purses?! Dynamic Remarketing on the other hand will still follow and show your advertisements, but it’ll be specifically targeted to what she was previously browsing. So instead of men’s shoes, you’re able to advertise women’s leather handbags, wallets, leather conditioning balms, etc.

Clearly, Dynamic Remarketing is fantastic for businesses which allow customers to purchase goods from their website. As another example, a customer adds an item to their online shopping cart; however, they are not prepared to purchase the item right now, so they leave the item in the online shopping cart and leave the website. The great thing about Dynamic Remarketing means that the item in the cart will virtually ‘follow’ the customer as they browse at other websites. Dynamic Remarketing will also assist you to pair and match other products you sell with the item in the online shopping cart (think socks with shoes, or a belt with a pair of trousers) which grants you to take full advantage of the add-on sale, thus improving your KPIs. It doesn’t stop once the sale is complete either, for when the same customer revisits your website, say one week later, the Dynamic Remarketing feature will advertise ads which correlate with the items they have previously bought and viewed.

Still need convincing? Hard facts are difficult to argue with…

  • “Sierra Trading Post, an outdoor gear and outerwear retail store, saw their conversions increase 5X with dynamic remarketing compared to regular remarketing campaigns.
  • “Netshoes, the world’s largest web-only retailer of sporting equipment and athletic apparel, saw 30-40% growth in overall revenue with dynamic remarketing during the Christmas season” (Google Support n.d.).

Admittedly, this should not be your only online marketing strategy, but used correctly in conjunction with other tactics and Dynamic Remarketing is an absolute winner. In particular, if you’re keen to know more about the other strategies you can use in conjunction with Dynamic Remarketing, our Optimise Webinar, titled ‘Winning the Game with AdWords in 2015’ will assuredly assist you enormously. The Webinar will launch on Wednesday 5th November, so you still have time to register here, and we hope to see you there.