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Read This if You Want Profitable Online Marketing

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, you pretty well have three options; Pay-Per-Click, such as Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media, such as the online platform Facebook. SponsoredLinX offer online marketing management services in all three of these areas (plus more) but there is one marketing relationship here which you don’t want to miss out on utilising; Pay-Per-Click and SEO.

Having a strong presence online, and in particular, in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is key to helping prospective clients find your website. As you might have noticed, over the past month here at SponsoredLinX we have been delving into the marketing partnership of Pay-Per-Click and SEO with this month’s upcoming Optimise Webinar, ‘SEO & AdWords – The Best Digital Marketing Partnership.

We want to summarise our main points and drive home why we genuinely believe that this is a profitable avenue your business should investigate.

Google AdWords

  • Google AdWords works quickly and allows for frequent tweaking and strategy changes
  • AdWords can be used to test different keywords and strategies.
  • You can decide how much you want to spend and it won’t cost you any more than that
  • As soon as you stop investing in it, the new leads disappear


  • Organic traffic is free
  • SEO works 24/7 365 days a year, it’s the salesperson that’s even working at Christmas time when all the others are at home surrounded by tinsel and flashing lights.
  • Organic listings also aid your business as being seen as a recognised authority within your industry
  • Organic listings only work as an exact match for the keywords you are working and, you’re limited in how many keywords you can work on at any one time.

Better Together

  • The goal is to combine the speed and flexibility of AdWords with the power and gradual momentum of SEO
  • Your Google AdWords campaign will still cost you per click but if done correctly, will make you a significant profit despite this and, your SEO will still be slow but thanks to your correct use of the pay per click ads you’ll know for sure it’s moving in the right direction while continuing to build upon your brand reputation.
  • If you were to launch into an SEO campaign without using AdWords to test things out first then you wouldn’t be able to simply change direction if it you found it not to be working.
  • You want to ensure that you maximise the amount of space you are taking up on the first page of Google search result – think of it as prime online real estate.
  • If you’re running Google AdWords and SEO, you also have access to double the amount of data.

Keywords are essentially the building blocks of search engine marketing and (surprise, surprise!) are both used in Google AdWords and SEO.

Start up_01_1

For many, you implement a Google AdWords marketing strategy for your business. While Pay-Per-Click marketing drives traffic to your website and specific landing pages, if you also employ a SEO strategy, there is a chance that this may make your Pay-Per-Click marketing cheaper. How, you ask? This is because when Google crawls your website, it will ‘reward’ those websites with URLs that are optimised in terms of being relevant and reliable.

When you sit down and actually analyse the data you have after having combined a Pay-Per-Click and SEO marketing strategy, you’ll begin to see a more ‘complete picture’ of how people interact and experience your website. Of course, the better you understand your audience, the better you can target your online marketing efforts to make the most of your leads. So why don’t you contact us here at SponsoredLinX today to make the most of these major online revenue drivers on 1300 859 600 or visit our website.