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Hyper Remarketing

Add a little hyper to your market!

Have you ever been to a website and then suddenly seen the ads for that business all over the internet? Ads on other websites, ads in banners, even ads in your Facebook feed – that company’s advertising budget knows no bounds!

Welcome to the world of remarketing. Remarketing (also known as Retargeting in some circles) is a clever way to continue to interact with a potential subset of clients or customers who have previously engaged with your digital presence. Through the placement of eye catching image ads on Google Partner websites, your brand and message can ‘follow’ your audience around the information superhighway.  Despite its perception, remarketing is not expensive and doesn’t involve advertising contracts with a plethora of different websites and organisations; it can all be done through your AdWords account.

There is a multitude of ways that remarketing can help you develop your brand and increase conversion rates. It used to be that generic ads, targeting every single prospect was the beginning and end of a remarketing campaign (and if you’re still doing this – keep reading!) but so much has changed in the way you can creatively target your audience with messages they want to hear. Breaking down your audience into specific segments based on how they engage with you gives you the opportunity to deliver relevant, eye catching ads right where they’re needed.

  • Promote specific offers
    You can create ads for specific special offers, sales and packages to people who have expressed interest in your sales or offers page. Make sure they continue to be aware that your product is the best deal on the market
  • Convert customers
    Despite our increasing lack of patience, not every consumer makes their purchase decision straight away. Analytics reporting can show you time lags between the first time a consumer interacted with your site until they actually purchased or enquired. You can bet that during this time period your potential client is scoping out your competitors so this is a great time to make sure that they’re keenly aware that they were interested in you for a reason.
  • Develop loyalty
    Rather than serving generic boring ads to your super engaged clients, make ads that specifically reward them and demonstrate value, as Kelly Wrather suggests in Search Engine Watch. For example you could target existing clients who have purchased before and offer them a voucher or discount code for their next shop.
  • Upselling & cross selling
    Don’t think of remarketing as a blanket ‘all users’ or ‘shopping cart abandoners’ fix. What about people who have purchased or enquired? Again, author Kelly Wrather writes that you can use remarketing to offer new and relevant reasons for them to come back to you every time you have a solution for their need or even to encourage consideration of additional products and services.


How to get the best out of your Remarketing strategy 

  • Don’t set and forget.

Like all digital strategies remarketing is evolving. Keep in touch with your strategist about continuing to try new ads and offers. Your specialist will help by analysing trends and upturns in your account and in Google Analytics for your most engaged and burgeoning demographics. 

  • Accurate data equals accurate targeting.

Use a process of continuous improvement to adjust your strategies in line with audience and segment trends. What’s working well now won’t continue to work well if you are not sensitive to your audience. If you’re the trailblazer, listening to your audience, staying up to date with what they need then your business will be the one that stands out in their mind. 

  • Rotate your creative collateral

Even if your first remarketing campaign has fantastic ads and a strong creative ethos; don’t assume that they will work perpetually. According to one ReTargeter study, click-through rates decrease by almost 50% after five months of running for the same set of ads. You can avoid banner blindness by planning ahead and rotating ads in line with seasons or trends. While it may be a little extra work; your conversion rate will thank you for it. 

  • Set impression caps.

If you’re dubious about the idea of following your audience around with invasive ads that harass and harangue, never fear. Not only can you set a limit on how many times your ad is seen per day; you absolutely should.  The same ReTargeter study shows us that overexposure can quickly result in decreased campaign performance as prospects may begin to ignore your ads completely (a nasty phenomenon known as ‘banner blindness’) or they may start to develop a negative association with your brand.

Lastly, make sure to avoid remarketing myths. Although widely accepted, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that remarketing only works for retail or that its only for big companies or worst of all that it doesn’t work because it may not result in direct first click conversions.  Anyone working on their digital strategy can and should take advantage of remarketing. One comScore study found that some brands saw up to a 1,046% increase in branded search or users looking directly for them during retargeting campaigns. This indicates that not only is remarketing highly successful at building brand awareness but that every brand, your brand, should be taking advantage of this focused and tailored approach to marketing.

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