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How To Live In Your Customer’s Pocket!

Mobile Devices are your new best friend in the digital marketing world

People are online via their mobile devices more than ever before and why not? It’s a convenient way to access information, shop, socialise and interact with the wider community. The question remains however; with the huge shift from desktop to mobile, are you in front of your most convertible clients?

If your digital strategy doesn’t include mobile optimisation you’re missing out on valuable data, interactions and ultimately sales.  Based on recent data from the Australia Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) nearly 70% of Australians are using three or more different devices to connect to the Internet with the most popular being the humble mobile phone. We also know that consumers are beginning to respond more favourably to mobile optimised marketing. Thrive Analytics Local Search Report showed that 55% of consumers have clicked on a mobile ad and of these, 53% ended up making a purchase. This means that if you’re on the front foot of mobile marketing, if your products and ads are showing in front of your mobile audience, then you’re in a great position to convert like never before.

Another new trend emerging is the use of a mobile device while shopping in the bricks and mortar environments. In a recent article for Search Engine Land, Wesley Young says that roughly 60% of consumers report using their phones while they are shopping in malls and retail outlets which mean that even if you don’t have a physical store location; you’re still in the running. Consumers are using mobile devices to price match and compare offerings at the time of purchase, not necessarily days and weeks before. If your product stands out, and if your price is competitive then make sure you’re on the mobile device your consumer is using to make their decision.

one mobile is shop that has woman carry paperback and one mobile is customer who is hand carry money for exchange.

Despite this shift in the audience, digital marketers have been slow to catch on. Danyl Bosomworth for Smart Insights claims that, “in 2015 mobile ad spending accounts for 49% of digital ad spending, which is only slightly behind the trends of how people are using their devices. These stats also show projections for future growth, which is important as it shows where the market is going. It is clear that mobile is the future, and within 3 years it will come to dominate digital ad spending”. This means that if you’re on top of it or if you’re considering mobile marketing for your business strategy you’re ahead of the pack and can stay there if you start now.

You need to have a Digital Strategy centered on the way your audience uses the Internet.

In addition to mobile preference ads, AdWords now has call only campaigns. If your primary conversion is phone calls, you can now create ads that are solely designed to put your potential client in touch with you. The beauty of a call only campaign is that they can entice your customers to speak to you directly, bypassing your website if it’s not mobile friendly (yet!). Call Only Campaigns put your phone number at the very top of your ad with an immediate call-to-action. Customers simply have to press the call button and they’ll be connected to you.

Make sure your ads are concise and eye catching. Create your point of difference and promote it! The most effective mobile ads are those that cater to the immediate needs of the consumer. As reported by Smart Insights, 56% of consumers who click on a mobile ad and make a purchase report doing so because the content was relevant to something they were already looking at. The foundations of a great Google AdWords campaign apply to your mobile ads also. Make sure you’re using the best of landing pages on your website, which your content is exactly matched to the demographic you’re attempting to attract and your position is high and prominent.


Take advantage of remarketing for both desktops and mobile devices. Drive your audience back to your site by creating ads that go with them and highlight a solution to their ongoing problem. If you have multiple product streams; create multiple ad suites and make your ads as relevant as possible to the consumer you’re trying to reach. Provide the solution, put it in front of them where they’ll see it most and remind them creatively that they can’t do without your offering.

Monitor Your Digital Strategy For Continual Improvements

Your digital strategy, much like Google itself is a growing and evolving organism that you are pioneering. Mobile technology is the new lap top in the same way that lap tops were the new desktops. Now is the time to make sure that you know your audience; know their behaviour and know how to get the most out of everything you’re investing in with digital marketing.

As written by Aaron Strout for Marketing Land, out of the 3.4 billion people on the planet subscribed to a mobile phone plan, 1.9 billion of them have smartphones and it’s predicted that by 2018 half the world’s users will have a smart phone. The increase in mobile activity, the depth of application and the strength of social persuasion will continue to grow and essentially this means that now more than ever, virtual is reality. Find new and innovative ways to engage your audience, speak to your demographic on a new level and you’ll be rewarded by a loyal and engaged client base.

Speak to us here at SponsoredLinX on 1300 859 600 about the best way to stay on top of your industry where it matters most. It’s our job and passion to forecast the direction of your marketing and keep you up to date on the trends that affect you. We know what we’re talking about!  A minimal investment in the redesign of your website; a new direction in your AdWords campaign or a restructure of your whole creative approach can pay dividends long term. Together we can create a mobile strategy that’s unique to your business, exciting to your audience and keeping you in your client’s pocket!