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The Google AdWords Position Preference feature is being removed

In early May 2011, Google will be removing the Position Preference feature in AdWords and disabling it in any campaigns still using it.

The Position Preference feature allowed you to tell Google which specific ad positions you preferred your Ads to be displayed on. EG if you found your Ads were getting the best results in position 4, you could set the position preference to show your Ads only in that position. Position preference would try to raise or lower your bids to target those positions you specified.

It has been recommended that users disable the Position Preference feature before it’s removed to ensure a smooth transition for your traffic and your bids.

From April 5th 2011 you will no longer be able to activate the Position Preference feature in AdWords. If you are already using this feature, it will continue to operate normally until the date it’s removed; however, once you turn the feature off you won’t be able to turn it back on.

You will still be able to have an effect on your average position by strategic bidding and keyword selection.

If your AdWords account is being managed contact your Client Manager should you have any concerns.