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Take Your Account To A New Dimension

Contrary to popular belief, Google don’t want you to go through your daily budget at a great rate of knots!

In fact, they give the average AdWords user a veritable arsenal of options to enhance their campaign’s performance.

Your Google AdWords interface can reveal some very telling trends as far as when you should and when you shouldn’t advertise.

Your conservative daily budget of $20 per day has to yield a return. Basically, you need to make more than $20 per day to make AdWords worth its while.

By familiarising yourself with the Dimensions tab you can establish a number of fascinating strategies. From what day of the week your campaign returns sales, to what hour of the day you advertise, thus improving your potential to convert.

Of course, chronological data isn’t all you can use the Dimensions tab for. Dimensions will give you visibility as to where searchers are located around Australia.

Most web based companies within Australia advertise across the entire length and breadth of this wonderful island. On the face of it, this would make perfect sense. However, wouldn’t it be great to see where most of your business comes from? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know what geographical area is costing you money and what towns and cities are proving profitable? The Dimensions tab will give you this insight!

In reality, the product or service you sell will dictate where you should and shouldn’t advertise. If you’re a local plumber in Perth, how does a mass influx of clicks in Sydney benefit you? If you sell thermal underwear you would be wasting your time advertising in Darwin, for example.

So, that small light green tab that you’ve probably been ignoring until now can enable you to make some serious decisions regarding advertising strategy. From where you should advertise, to what day and time of day you should spend that $20 daily budget.

Some times it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference.