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Fundamental Optimisation Techniques

Google AdWords is by far the most time effective way to get yourself onto the front page of Google and advertise your business. However, while turning this advertising initiative into a return on investment is a goal many businesses have, many fail to understand that it’s a process of hard work.

We’ve often come across campaigns built without the idea in mind that it requires constant work and optimisation to ensure things can reach their most profitable state.

There are a huge number of factors you need to take into account when optimising your campaigns.

These are just a few of the most important:

* Improving ad position
* Reducing your cost per click
* Adding different variations of keywords to test, CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click Through Rate), Traffic & Position
* Adding additional keywords from the Search Query Report
* Researching new keywords
* Google Analytics integration & analysis of data such as bounce rate, traffic flow and traffic sources
* Making sure ads are compliant with the latest policies
* Adjusting CPA (Cost Per Aquisition) based on the last 30 days data and performance each week
* Pausing non-converting keywords
* Adding converting search queries as keywords to the campaign
* Analysing ad spend across days and times and adjusting accordingly
* Improving Quality Scores
* Improving campaign structure
* Improving CTR
* Improving keywords and ad ranking
* Identifying and tracking converting keywords
* Adding potentially destructive negative keywords
* Split testing ads for relevancy
* Conducting competitor analysis
* Identifying trends – analyse historical data

It’s also important to remember that with any advertising, especially online, a measured approach is required as making an array of changes to the account all at once could be detrimental to the process. So changes to the account should be gradual. The best approach is to check your data and decide which technique would be best to implement based on the results particular aspects of  the campaign are producing, then implement them gradually as you come across them.