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Improving Ad Position – What You Need To Know

The common train of thought for most advertisers is that improving the ad position of their ads is to increase the bids for the keywords essentially ‘outbid’ the competition.
As true as this may be, there are alternatives to simply throwing more money at the situation in order to reach that much sort after ‘top 3 position’.

The aim here is to improve the Quality Scores of the keywords within the campaign. This can be done by increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR), landing page experience and Ad copy relevance to the traffic coming to your site. If you work on these you’ll slowly notice that your Quality Scores improves. With high Quality Scores of 9/10 and 10/10 Google tends to reward these campaigns with improved ad positions as well as lower cost per clicks.

It must be said however, that this method requires patience and testing and by all means is not an overnight process.

Why do it this way?
By improving the metrics within the campaign such as CTR, landing page experience and Ad relevance naturally, you can be assured that type of traffic coming to your website will potentially be far more relevant than it would be otherwise.
By simply upping the bids for the keywords within your campaign, you may be able to find a higher average position, however the cost may extend deeper than just the surface value of increasing your bids.
You may find that the traffic to your website isn’t as relevant as it could be and as a result you’re spending more money for a monetary return that you may have experienced by being at a lower average position.

Now please be assured that increased the bids of your keywords for an improved average position can defiantly be of benefit, however it’s vital when managing a Google AdWords account that you aim to improve all aspects of the account and this can only be done over time. Attempting quick fix results can, and in most cases does, cause more harm than good.