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Impression Share Data Gets A Shake-Up

This week marks the roll out of Google’s latest changes to the way in which AdWords’ impression share data will be reported to advertisers.

Advertisers will actually be able to break down the data to segment by search and display shares independent from the total. The dimensions tab denotes its ‘hour by day’ function to the impression share metric meaning that we, as your AdWords professionals, will be capable of identifying the real times in which the “moving and shaking” goes on in your industry online.

For those who prefer to see data represented by charts, or just looking to see a particular section of data, a new charts and filters function has been introduced. Finally, the accuracy of the data will be significantly improved paving the way for automated rules to be created based on the impression share data. This means that for those campaigns that require the most careful precision that automated rules cater for, an entire new dimension of control can be placed upon the campaign.

A new dawn has broken for impression share metrics; speak with your intuitive AdWords specialist today on how this can improve your campaign’s results.