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Google Enhanced Campaigns

As of July 22nd Google will role over all accounts and campaigns to the new Google Enhanced system. This will include all active and paused accounts. So what does this mean for the average advertiser?
We recommend you read up on the changes and see exactly how they will impact your online marketing. Here is a few examples of how the change may negatively impact your campaign.

Firstly there are a number of big changes around the display network. Most notably that you are unable to segment as effectively as you were using the “Legacy” system. Some of the high level optimization techniques that we used are now obsolete and this penalizes high level optimization to an extent.

Previously, where a campaign would be created with different ads that would specifically target mobile devices more effectively, this is no longer applicable. What we can do however is to lower our bids to a level that will negatively impact the desktop rankings, but still remain competitive on mobile. Considering this update is meant to improve marketers ability to advertise on mobile, these changes still penalize high level optimization.

Lastly we have found some serious bugs utilizing 1300 numbers in the Call Extensions. Google no longer allows phone numbers in the Ad Copy and requires you to use the call extensions. We have found that Google does not display 1300 numbers effectively with some accounts experiencing just 3 impressions in a month. After amending this to a mobile the account received 80 impressions in just 1 hour. A big difference and a major impacting factor on any businesses bottom line.

As Google iron out these bugs we expect to see some of the feedback from marketers improving the system or else we predict an even larger exodus from the aging platform to it’s younger (more attractive) cousin: Social Media Marketing.