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Google AdWords Click-To-Call Updates Are Here!

As part of our regular Digital Marketing news segments, today we’ll be looking at some of the latest updates to come out regarding Google AdWords Click-To-Call extensions! Below, we run through the top announcements revealed last week by Google. 

Account-Level Call Extensions

As part of their commitment to making call extensions more efficient, Google have announced two main changes—the first of which are Account-Level Call Extensions. Available from this week, this feature will allow you to implement your CTC extensions across your entire account (instead of adding them over and over to ad groups/individual campaigns). Additionally, Google will also be rolling out Automated Call Extensions over the coming months by crawling through landing pages that already have a mobile number listed, and then automatically setting up a call extension alongside your ads! This of course, means more traffic being driven your way!

Google Click-To-Call Updates

Image: Google AdWords Blog

Quality Improvements to Callers

Having a lot of traffic coming your way is great, but it’s of little use if you’re not attracting the right kind of audience—particularly, those who are ready to engage with your business! To help direct more quality callers through to businesses, Google have also announced plans to add business names to their headlines (which they first tested in 2016). 

Google click-to-call updates

Updates To Keyword & Ad-Level Call Reporting

Last but not least, Google have also announced new call detail features for keyword and ad copy reports!

As explained via their blog, “additional columns for “Phone impressions” and “Phone calls” will give you a more complete view of call performance and help you see where there are opportunities to improve. For example, consider using call-only ads on keywords with the highest phone-through rates, or decreasing wait times when you have customers on the phone to improve call conversion rates.”


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