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4 Common AdWords Misconceptions

Evidently, Google is the largest and most successful search engine freely available today. They are, however, much more than just a search engine, they’re an advertising platform. We understand that some people may be wary to invest in Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform, Google AdWords, as they fear it might be too impersonal coming from such a large brand, but we’re here to debunk such AdWords misconceptions. The truth is, Google AdWords is one of the best PPC advertising systems available today and that some of the things you’ve heard may not be true at all…

The Higher Your Bid, The Better Your Rank

If you believe that the advertisers with the deepest pockets will always come out on top, then you don’t have a good understanding of how Google ranks ads. The bidding process is not the only contributing factor to your position. It comes down to a calculation of the maximum bid multiplied by the Quality Score for the keyword you’re advertising for. It’s also not always a wise decision to simply increase your bid as this will have a negative impact on your ROI. By increasing the relevancy of your ad to the keyword they’re matched with, you’re more likely to receive a positive outcome.

AdWords Misconceptions

Competitors Will Use Up My Budget By Clicking My Ads

Let’s be honest, your competitors probably have better things to do with their time besides clicking your ads continuously. If that isn’t enough, Google algorithms are highly intelligent, being able to detect ‘click fraud’ and ‘invalid clicks’ as well as clicks from automated clicking tools, robots, or other deceptive software. Luckily for you, Google makes their money from delivering high-quality leads, and if they can’t provide that, then it wouldn’t look good for them. Did you know that the Google AdWords systems will immediately remove any fraudulent clicks from your account? For the few that slip through, they’ll process refunds into your account for the clicks they’ve found to be invalid. This way, your long term budgets are never affected! If you wanted to exclude your own IP address from seeing your ads, you can add that IP address to the exclusion list within your AdWords settings.

AdWords Misconceptions

PPC Advertising Is Too Expensive

For those who don’t fully understand the concept of Google AdWords and how to effectively run their account, it is likely that the default settings you might be using could be costing you dearly. The whole concept of AdWords is to only pay when someone clicks on your ad and to allow you to control how much you spend for that click. The average cost-per-click is $1 to $2, and you can set a daily budget that AdWords will not breach or exhaust quickly. When done correctly, with quality ads, conversion tracking and regular SEO check ups, advertisers can take full advantage of how much they spend as well as when and where.

AdWords Misconceptions

First Position Is Best Position

While it’s true that the first position of Google rakes in an impressive click-through-rate, that does not necessarily mean that they receive relevant leads. To maximise your ROI, it’s best to aim to be within the top three ad positions, rather than increasing your CPC as some industries can see maximum bids over $100. Adjusting your strategy to maximise profit is much more important than always aiming to be in the number one position on any search engine result pages.

AdWords Misconceptions

Perhaps we haven’t alleviated all of your concerns about these common AdWords misconceptions, but we definitely suggest further researching the benefits it can bring your business. With such an inexpensive and adjustable fee as well as its large reach, you can’t really afford to not be investing in Google AdWords for your small business.

If these debunked AdWords misconceptions have made you curious about how Google AdWords can help your business strive, or you simply want to improve your current AdWords results, simply fill out the form below and one of our AdWords specialists will be in touch to help! 

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