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New AdWords Match Type

Match Types

The concept of advertising on AdWords is very simple. Every day, millions of people search for things on Google. These people are shown a certain set of advertisements based on the things they’re searching for. All in all, it’s a great way for advertisers to ensure that they are putting their business in front of the people who are actively searching for their products or services. But how does Google determine which ads to show to which people?

This is the part where keywords become important. Each advertiser chooses a specific set of keywords which are specifically relevant to the product / service they’re trying to sell. The part of this formula that really sets Google apart from the rest of the pack is that they offer different match types, otherwise described as criteria which determine if a user’s search query does in fact match an advertiser’s keyword.

Until now, we’ve had three options: Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. I won’t go too much into how these each work in this article, but a short explanation is that if your keyword is “flower delivery”, selecting Broad Match will show your keywords to users who look for “cheap rose delivery” and pretty much any other variation, taking into account spelling mistakes, alternate spellings, and synonyms. Phrase Match will show your ads based on any search query which contains the keyword along with anything else on either side, for example “discount flower delivery.” Lastly, Exact Match will only trigger ads when the search query box contains “flower delivery” and nothing else at all.

Google recently announced a fourth Match Type, called Broad Match Modifier.

Broad Match Modifier

Broad Match Modifier is a new way to match keywords in your AdWords campaign. The purpose of this new match type is to fill the gap between Broad Match, which is under targeted and sometimes matches queries which are not related, and Phrase Match, which his often too precise to match a significant amount of traffic.

Broad Match Modifier allows you to take individual words in the keyword phrase from your campaign and filter the results. This will make the traffic finding your advertisements more targeted without having to have the exact ordering and spelling of the Phrase Match type. It is currently available in all countries and supported by most languages.

Why Should I Use It?

The Broad Match Modifier is a new weapon in your arsenal to improve the performance of your AdWords advertising campaigns. It provides a new level of targeted traffic, and allows you to:

  • Increase Click-Thru Rate
  • Improve Keyword Targeting
  • Attract more qualified traffic
  • Improve Advertising ROI
  • Reduce Cost-Per-Click charges

The Broad Match Modifier does this by improving the quality of the matches. Implementing this new match type will typically reduce amount of impressions typically generated through use of the Broad Match type. That being said, the resulting impressions will be more targeted, and will in turn generate clicks from users with a higher likelihood of making a purchase or enquiry from your website.

How do I use the Broad Match Modifier?

To create a Broad Matched Modified keyword you need to alter a Broad Matched keyword. You can do this by either altering existing keywords or creating new ones for the purpose of trialling the success of this for your existing campaign.. The modification is implemented by placing a (+) Symbol directly in front of one of the words in a keyword phrase. (i.e. +Carpet Cleaning Brisbane) You are able to modify some or all words in a keyword phrase. (i.e. +Carpet +Cleaning Brisbane)

What does it do?

The word proceeded by a plus symbol (+) in the keyword phrase must appear in the search terms, or as a close match. (i.e. +Carpet +Cleaning Brisbane would only trigger if the search terms include the +modified words or its variants)

As an example, the broad keyword “flower delivery brisbane” would usually be triggered by the search query “rose delivery brisbane,” as it’s a closely relevant synonym.” Modifying the broad match keyword to “+flower delivery brisbane” basically places a restriction in place that your ads must only be shown for this keyword if the search query includes the word “flowers,” but not misspellings or synonyms.

Variants of keywords can include;

  • Misspellings (i.e. +Carpet , Carpat would also trigger)
  • Singular or plurals (i.e. +Carpet , Carpets would also trigger)
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms (i.e. +Television, Tele, or TV would also trigger)
  • Stemmings (i.e. +Carpet , Carpeting would also trigger)

Non Broad Match Modifier Variants include:

  • Synonyms (Cleaning and Washing)
  • Related Searches (Carpets and Rugs)

Broad matched keywords will also trigger for synonyms and related searches (Cars and Automobiles). This is not the case with the Broad Match modifier. You will have to have an extensive keyword list if you want to target non-close variations using modified Broad Match keywords.

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