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How to stand out of the social media crowd

Tips on how to approach social media differently in order to be noticed

Working out how to improve your social media presence can be pretty difficult and time consuming. You can’t just post the same old status updates and expect to become a viral hit as a brand. Your business has to stand out in a sea of like-minded social media marketers, otherwise your business will flounder and eventually be drowned out by others. You need to make an impact by interacting and sharing interesting content that is engaging to your audience. You can inspire a great deal of attention by posting stuff that sparks the curiosity, affection, and trust of your social media followers.

As I said before, this can be difficult, especially if you are a small business with a limited budget.To do this well you should focus on strategies that create genuine connections between your company and your audience. On that note, make sure to present them with something unique and riveting. Think about how you can inspire and motivate them to take action.

If you are having trouble working out where to start try looking to others for inspiration. This is often the first step to setting a direction and there are plenty of examples of brands that get it right. A really great example of a small business getting their social media campaign right is local Brisbane company Black Milk Clothing.

The Facebook fan page is the business’s main social media platform, the Twitter and Instagram accounts are linked to it. A unique part of their social media campaign is that the Facebook is run by company founder and product designer James Lillius. Often James is the voice of the page and responds directly to the fans. Black Milk Clothing track website hits through Google Analytics to work out where their sales are coming from, but that’s the extent of their social media strategy. The rest comes down to having a fun, interesting and consistent online voice that resonates with their rapidly growing fanbase.

Black Milk have also found a viral sweet-spot within their posts. A lot of their posts are photos of customers in their gear. Naturally fans love shots of girls wrapped in Black Milk’s unique leggings and styled in as many different ways as possible. Friends of customers will see this movement happening on their friend’s profiles and catch onto the brand as well. These shots have become an integral part of the Black Milk online culture, with fans now posting shots of themselves wearing their Black Milk leggings and naturally furthering the brand’s outreach. This is exactly the type of customer interaction your business should aim for when you use social media. Just remember to be creative, open and fun with your social media presence.