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Winning the Game – Keyword Bidding Strategies

Keyword Bidding Strategies do not follow one linear line. The tactics you can employ vary and you need to choose the strategies which will work best for your business. Something you need to keep in mind is that certain strategies might work best at particular times of the day, week, or year. Certain strategies will work with only particular keywords or campaigns. Then you need to make the decision in regards to which campaigns need to managed automatically or manually… it’s definitely not simple.

Never fear, that’s why we’re here!

More so, it’s why you have a Client Manager who knows what will work for you and your business, and whether Keyword Bidding Strategies are something you need to be taking advantage of. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach here. You’ll find that you need a mix of popular and specific strategies; however, specific tactics are the more popular of the two. Whether it’s ideal for you or not, think about if you’re worried with the cost per click or if your business is in a highly competitive market.

Most Keyword Bidding Strategies are listed as acronyms such as:

– CPC (Cost-per-click) this takes time and knowledge, but it gets great results. Firstly you need to find out how much your acquisitions cost you to utilise CPC.

– CPA (Cost-per-acquisition) this takes time and can’t be used at the beginning of your bidding strategy. It’s a more hands off approach.

– CPM (Cost-per-millennia) use this if your main goal is Brand Awareness.

– EPC (Enhanced-cost-per-click) this is the bridge between CPC and CPA. Google decides what you pay for your clicks to be optimised for conversions, but to do this you need conversion tracking.

– ROAS (Target-return-on-ad-spend) the name speaks for itself really. It gives the user a great deal of tractability and powers in relation to specific goals for your ad spend.

Other strategies you may also hear are:

– Target search page location; this is an automatic strategy you can use if you don’t want to manually change your bids to help get your ads to the top.

– Maximise clicks; this helps you to get as many clicks as possible within your budget.

– Target outranking share; this strategy focuses on beating your competitors ad’s in Google’s Search Results.

This is when the expertise of your Client Manager turns into the jackpot. However, the brief descriptions of each will help you on your way to having a better understanding when you have this conversation with your CM. To learn even more register here for our Optimise Webinar ‘Winning the Game with AdWords in 2015’ which will launch this Wednesday at 10:30 am AEST.