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Winning the Game – Google Tag Manager

Modern online tracking tools depend on users adding ‘tags’ to their website so that they can track the data they need to make informed decisions. Google Tag Manager makes this process simpler… simple! Still need convincing?

Google Analytics tracks URLs. Google Tag Manager goes one step further than this, and can actually track actions, clicks and subscriptions.

It’s been around for roughly 1 ½ years – so why is it not being utilised in the way it can be? Some people have had tedious experiences with tagging and the time and effort it has taken to manage them in the past, and aren’t prepared to give it a second chance. Utilised properly however, and the data you will be able to start employing is incredibly valuable.

Problems with tagging that are eliminated with Google Tag Manager are;

– The time it can take to manage them

– Tags which have been set-up incorrectly and thus ineffective data filters through

– It’s technical

Google Tag Manager is designed to eliminate these issues and help users to efficiently manage their tags, receive reliable data and make it more user friendly.

It removes the need to deal with developers. The user friendly framework of Google Tag Manager means that you are are able to quickly add tags, without the need to go to a developer (which takes more time and money) and begin receiving the tracking data required.

It’s easy to use as it only requires one piece of code, which contains several pieces of code and won’t slow down your website. Users aren’t faced with overly technical codes which need to be implemented all over their site. Using one piece of code eliminates the need for entering code ‘the old way’ therefore increasing productivity and better time management.

Google Tag Manager is a way of future proofing your website. It enables greater tracking capabilities, and improvements and developments which need to be applied in the future will be easier to do.

You’re aware of the problems tagging can create. Google Tag Manager enables you to solve them. After listing the benefits above, I bet you’re eager to learn more. The perfect opportunity has appeared in the form of our next Optimise Webinar series: AdWords Strategies for Success – Winning the Game with AdWords in 2015. Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX’s Founder and CEO, will be speaking extensively on several key topics; one of them being Google Tag Manager. Head on over to our website to learn more and register, before this opportunity passes you by.