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Quick Tips for the Google Adwords Specialist

It’s not rocket science! It’s Google AdWords!
For those of you who know your Google AdWords – here are 4 tips to take your account to the next level.

1.    Know your Search Query Report!
This is a great tool to ensure the traffic you’re getting is relevant and you’re not just throwing money away. It’s also an opportunity to find negative keywords to exclude and identify new keywords as relevant terms for your business.

2.    Get Relevant!
Create Ad groups which are absolutely relevant to your business. It’s important to ensure the keywords within those Ad groups are also of significant relevance to ensure that the Ads you run are able to attract the right type of clicks.
Setting the campaign up for high relevance at the start also ensures that the keywords attract higher than average quality scores, Click Through Rate and a potentially lower cost per click.

3.    Keep an eye on the conversion data!
It’s important to keep track of the campaigns conversion rate and cost per conversion. The keywords you use within your campaign will play a big part in how the data will look so review conversion data regularly and pause off non-converting keywords should the campaign require it.

4.    Utilise Google Analytics!
Google Analytics can support decision making in Google AdWords by identifying metrics such as the bounce rates and time on site spent by traffic searching by particular keywords.
Just because a certain keyword has a high Click Through Rate it doesn’t justify being in the campaign with a high bounce rate or low time on site.