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Quick Tips for Better Content Marketing Images

Are you not using images in your blog posts? Do you know the statistics? Articles with imagery get 94% more views, Facebook posts that include images get 87% more engagement, and Tweets with images get 18% more clicks. I bet right now you’re asking yourself how your content could get those kinds of ratings. Luckily for you, we’re here to answer that very question. Here’s how to source or create your own content marketing images.

Include An Image Every 100 Words

While it may seem like a bit of a task if you’re writing blogs that are 500+ words, statistics show that consumers are more drawn to visuals. If you’re breaking up your text into subheadings, use an image per section. You want to place these every couple of paragraphs to switch it up – don’t always put it at the start or end of the section. Get creative with where you place your imagery, make sure they’re adding to your article rather than distracting from the point!

content marketing images

Make Sure To Add Colour

Don’t be bland! Images that are brighter and more colourful tend to create more engagement, it’s how our eyes work. High-quality, attractive images can be expensive to buy and potentially time-consuming to create. Sites like Canva, which has a drag-and-drop feature, make this process faster and creates unique images. Be sure to use consistent colour schemes, maybe even try adding your brand colours into the images if you’re creating your own.

content marketing images

Use Fun (But) Informative Images

Put the data from your blog into a graph or chart. Visualised data attracts more engagement than a blog full of information-heavy statistics – a customer favourite is infographics. Of course, you should always strive to create a balance between both informative and light-hearted imagery. You should also add your logo to any image you’ve created yourself, ensuring if your image is shared you’re given the accreditation. Be careful when creating original material, people are very quick to steal it and share it as their own. Anything you do should feature either a watermark or annotation.

content marketing images

Avoid Stock Imagery 

Since the days of Clip Art, the rules are still the same. Stock images are very generic and easily noticeable. They tend to look out of place show an inherent lack of quality. Try creating an image yourself, or hire someone to take a new photo for you to use. Alternatively, try photo-sharing sites such as Flickr to acquire free images that are not stock – just make sure they’re available for commercial reuse!

content marketing images

Content maketing images in your blog posts are no longer optional. Well, I mean, they are, but when you consider that 65% of people are visual learners, you won’t want to ignore the advice we’ve given you here. These days, 37% of marketers rate visual marketing as the most important form of content, second only to blogging. Images stimulate growth and engagement by giving your content more personality and making them more shareable.

Looking to expand your online marketing presence? Want to know more about content marketing images? Need a few more tips? Give us a call now on 1300 859 600 and let’s talk about some options.