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Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018

Is an effective marketing campaign amongst your list of new year’s resolutions? Then we suggest delving into the world of content and keeping an eye on any content marketing trends that may arise throughout the year. Content assists marketers and business owners to establish themselves as thought leaders and can also be used to better track leads and conversion. So far, this is what we predict will be a smash hit in the year of the dog.

Business Blogging

Continuing to rise in popularity is the use of business blogging to increase marketing leads to convert into sales. Blog topics can range from a simple explanation of the products or services you offer to an in-depth how-to guide or a summary of news and events in your industry. There are limitless choices of topics to choose from and several formats you could try such as video, infographics or general text blogs. As a source for driving traffic, you should focus more on the quality of your content rather than the quantity. Additionally, you can recycle old blogs and update them or simply reuse evergreen content you’ve created in the past.

content marketing trends

Case Studies

More strongly suited toward complex services, case studies help potential customers and clients understand what your company has to offer them and the results they are likely to expect if working with you. Case studies are valuable sales tools in B2B and B2C situations as they show the value you have to offer and what they can get out of your service or product. We predict a high trajectory for case studies amongst content marketing trends for 2018.

content marketing trends


As one of the fastest growing formats for content, infographics are visually appealing and easily digestible. While offering minimum content, you can use this as a prelude to writing a blog that delves deeper into the statistics or content your infographic introduces. They also offer the opportunity to test your design skills. Infographics are more shareable than your usual text blog and give you a chance to reach out to other leaders in your industry to help you solidify the claim you are making in your infographic.

content marketing trends


Anyone who says email marketing is dead is just not doing it right! Email marketing is still very much a leading contender for content marketing and lead generation. Use all the tools available to create an opportunity for potential customers to opt-in to receive emails from your business. From there, you have an endless amount of email marketing strategies to use, including sending catalogue specials, case studies, latest news, discounts and more.  

content marketing trends


On the rise for many years now, video content does not look to be slowing down anytime soon with several social media platforms incorporating support for video. Useful for vlogging (video blogging), product launches, behind the scenes and honestly, a million other things, video content is a great tool for reaching a wider audience and engaging consumers. However, with shorter attention spans, you’ll want to try and keep your video content around the 2-minute mark for maximum engagement. Videos are great for showing a return on investment, boosting sales and conversion, as well as building trust by establishing yourself as a thought leader as well as showing your audience that you are real and just as human as they are. They also work great on mobile, requiring minimal mobile-optimisation, and are easily shared on social media.

content marketing trends

Content marketing trends are useful for getting your marketing strategy in order to find what really works for your business. As always, it’s imperative that you post valuable and trustworthy content that provides value to the consumer.

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