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Choosing Your Ideal Blogging Platform

Simply put, a blogging platform is an online place where bloggers or businesses can write and publish content. This content can be anything from text, images, videos and more. Depending on the platform, you can customise the layout and design, and even organise your posts with tags or categories. Choosing the perfect blogging platform is often a difficult task, as each platform has different perks and advantages. You need to choose the one most suitable for your skill level and reason for blogging. Below is a list of the most popular and simple to use blogging platforms to help you decide which one will give you an optimum amount of benefits.


WordPress is arguably the most powerful of the blogs listed in this article, offering two similar but separate products for users to utilise when blogging. The first,, is a free and customisable blogging platform that provides free hosting and a large number of plugins. For $13 a year, users can build their own custom domain name if they don’t wish to have ‘’ in their URL. The second option is, a self-hosted, downloadable blogging software. Again, free to use, is more complicated than its counterpart and therefore more suitable to advanced bloggers. Built generally for the larger, more ambitious bloggers, both versions of WordPress offers varying levels of access, with the ability to add additional authors, editors and administrators.

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A little outdated compared to WordPress, Blogger is still very popular and has many advantageous benefits. Currently owned and run by Google, all you need is a standard Google account to sign up. A free to use platform with an easy to use interface, Blogger takes care of hosting and offers a subdomain with the ability to acquire your own custom domain too. Blogger is highly customisable and optimised to assist non-technical savvy bloggers with managing their own blog site. One downfall of Blogger is its inability to match WordPress’s numerously available plugins.

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Tumblr might be the most different platform on this list. Primarily used as a social network for content curation and sharing content others have created, Tumblr is also useful for bloggers who want to publish short-form content. Because of its existence as a social network, Tumblr has a community of users available and willing to promote, share, and comment on each other’s work whether it be a micro-blog, quote, image, video, or more. Tumblr is free, easy to set up and just as simple to use.

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Squarespace is often used to launch blogs, business websites and eCommerce stores. With a large range of designs, Squarespace is suitable for those who wish to build a professional looking website or blog. They have a number of important features built-in and still offer external plugins. With a clear and powerful interface, Squarespace makes publishing new content simple with drag and drop features. This blogging platform is great for all skill levels.

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This is essentially an overview of the most common blog hosting platforms that are easy to use. There are more options available, and we do recommend you research each one and the services they can provide. With content being a major factor in marketing nowadays, you really can’t afford to be posting on a blogging platform that isn’t giving you everything you need.

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