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twitter marketing tips
Tempting New Tweeps To Your Twitter

In 2017, given the continual supremacy of Facebook and the new wave of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter feels like the forgotten middle child left outside in the proverbial cold. Though, you’d do well to remember just how powerful Twitter can be. When used effectively, it’s still the easiest social network to interact with
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Digital Culture

In today’s dynamic society, culture has evolved over the years from primitive to digital. Communication and culture both have a large effect in the workplace which allows others to gain access to information on a scale we have never seen or experienced before. Throughout the last couple of decades different communication forms have taken place
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Beyond Demographics and Customer Intent

Can you predict the future? Do you know what your customers need? Do you know when they need it and most importantly, can you position yourself to be available at the recognised moment of need? With Google (and SponsoredLinX) you can. Demographics, sub sections of audiences based on gender age, location, etc. are fast becoming
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Omni-channel Marketing for Small Businesses

Myer’s recent marketing investment puts the word ‘omni-channel marketing’ under the spotlight. Small businesses tend to shy away from such buzzwords that are often associated with large corporations or brands. ‘Let the big guys worry about them’ is a common way of thinking. If this speaks to you, think about the first time you heard
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Seasonal Keywords for Season Promotions

Well, it’s that time of year again, everyone is saying goodbye to their favourite habits and finding chocolate eggs strewn about their gardens and homes… “Happy Easter everyone!” – This is what your SEO strategy looks like right now in May if you left your Easter SEO planning until a few weeks before the main event.
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Our Top Ten Tips for Flying Your Flag Online

So you’re a small business or franchisee and wondering how you can parlay your tiny or non-existent budget into more traffic using the myriad of tools and platforms in the online marketing space? It’s a challenge for virtually every SME in Australia looking to get traction and build up opportunities and leads for their business.
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Mobile: The Screen To Be Seen On

The latest Australian results for digital advertising expenditure are in, and all roads point to mobile. In the second quarter of 2014, digital advertising saw a 29% growth over the previous year – that’s a whopping extra $72 million, to take the Q2 total to $320 million. How much of this is spent on mobile-targeted advertising?

What is Google+?

Social networks can cop their fair share of criticism. Some call them time wasters, others complain about design or functionality. Often they are just seen as another form of amusement in our busy lives. But social networks can be a very lucrative commodity for business owners since they can connect real customers with brands and
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