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What Is A Result In SEO Terms? Part 3 – Leads

A successful SEO campaign is like a bus full of customers. But while that bus can drive customers to your store (website), what happens once they get there? Are they able to get the service they need right away? Do they have all the information they require? Is what you offer clearly laid out?

We posted another blog recently entitled “Is your website a minimum wage cashier?” which dealt with this very issue.

In the previous part of this series we talked about how a “conversion” from an SEO campaign standpoint is an email or phone call from a potential customer who has found you by Googling keywords (discussed in part 1) your campaign has gotten you ranking for. This is the benchmark by which you should judge whether or not the SEO is doing its job, but there is a little more to it than that.

It would be foolish not to think that Google takes into account how easy it is for these people to contact you when considering the value of your website and while it is probably far from the most important aspect in SEO terms, when combined with how heavily it affects your conversions it is more than worth paying attention to!

However that is the extent of the SEO Campaign’s job. From there everything depends on the website and you. Anticipate the rise in traffic you could experience. Have your best people on the job. Put together a welcoming auto-response to emails so that clients submitting enquiries don’t have to wonder whether or not you received it. This is your bread and butter and you cannot afford to have roadblocks and uncertainties stop you from taking full advantage of all that time and effort you spent on the SEO campaign.

Here’s a little visual representation for you: