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Should I purchase bulk likes for my Facebook page?

This is a question we are often asked by clients, who feel that the higher the number of ‘likes’ their page has, the more credible it appears to their audience.

In short, this is a bad idea! Bulk bought likes bring with it two major issues:

1 – It skews the statistics. Decisions on content types, scheduling, advertising and promotions are largely based on statistics and analysis of the data received via Facebooks insights (such as demographic, locations, engagement etc). If you have a large number of ‘fake’ likes, this makes it virtually impossible to figure out what your real audience engagement is like.

2 – It’s just a bad look! Imagine you go onto a page with 30,000 likes and you see low levels of interaction with their posts. It looks like they don’t really know what they are talking about as no one is engaging with them.

So if buying likes is a bad idea, how can you add likes?

There are several strategies to use when like building. These include:

Facebook Ads – the new Objective Based advertising platform has proven to be highly successful in consistently adding quality likes to your page.

Competitions & giveaways – a well run completion is a great way to add a larger number of likes in a reasonably short timeframe. There are certain considerations around state based gaming legislations to be aware of, however ‘like and share’ competitions are a great way to add significant likes.

Offline like building – targeting your existing client base with an incentive to like your page. This could be along the lines of ‘Like our page for exclusive deals, specials and tips/tricks’.

Promoted posts – boosting posts with a call to action is a good way to obtain new quality likes on your page.

If you are an existing Facebook client, speak to your client manager about the best strategy for growing your likes. If you would like help growing your Facebook page, contact us on 1300 859 600