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Marketing Almanac

The plan of attack

It’s no secret that retailers across the world pocket from annual calendar events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Easter, sports games, concerts, movie premieres and public holidays to name a few.

According to Think with Google, in the New Year, fitness and wellbeing searches have increased by 40% on mobile devices. On YouTube, it’s reported that Yoga had the highest increase of 91% in search and views. What does this mean for all retailers and service providers?

If you have a calendarised plan of attack that aligns your business offering to the theme of the yearly event, your sales are likely to increase because at that particular point in the year, more people than ever are looking for your product or service. For chocolate retailers, Christmas, Easter & Valentine’s Day are there for you to milk. Excuse the pun!

If you have not already done this, immediately get your calendar out and start mapping the key event dates over the next 12 months to get more revenue. There are also a lot of free marketing calendar template resources online that you can get in a matter of seconds. It’s such an easy and pivotal tool to boost your sales.

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