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Hybrid Marketing – the Ultimate Integrated Approach

Hybrid marketing has an Omni-channel presence with an integrated approach. Marketers who practice hybrid marketing are able to write excellent and original content, possess great analytical skills and are able to provide solutions across all platforms, be it Public Relations, Web, SEO or social media management. Rather than seen as separate entities, the hybrid marketer views each platform as one, to be able to offer answers for all your marketing needs. Why does the industry need hybrid marketers, you might ask? Simply, marketing agencies need to stay competitive and, in order to do so; they need to offer unique and personalised solutions for their clients. These solutions will very often cover a broad array of cross channel marketing platforms to meet the clients’ needs. For some agencies, a hybrid marketing approach can also cover more traditional forms of marketing such as TV, radio and print. However, given the growth of online marketing and the pervasive nature of the internet and the connectedness of everyday things, the term can easily stand on its own when it comes to the myriad of options available to clients solely for digital purposes.

Some things will always stay the same though, such as a clear and concise message which must be portrayed through all marketing channels to create consistency and brand recognition. It is the versatile and adaptive nature of the hybrid marketing approach which appeals to the masses, and for good reason. It is also important to note that a hybrid marketer is not the same as a generalist because the key is that, “…the modern-day search marketer now has to build a whole new set of hybrid skills sets to keep themselves, and their organizations, ahead of the digital marketing curve” (Betts, 2015). But to go one step further, it’s not just the search marketer which needs to evolve, it’s the people who employ them (yes, I’m looking at you).

On a deeper level, it also comes down to the way marketers use their brains. It’s commonly known that people who predominantly use the left side of their brain tend to be more concerned with analysing data, details and the implementation of this information in methodical ways. People who use the right side of their brain tend to be the ones with that creative flair and possess vivid imaginations. Your Client Manager here at SponsoredLinX will largely use the left side of their brain when they’re reviewing data collected through Google Analytics. However, in using this information, they’ll use the right side of their brain to create imaginative, original copy for Google AdWords ads and campaigns, for example. Hybrid marketing takes the best of each to implement creative and analytical marketing actions.

Put simply, one online marketing approach is simply not good enough, which is why marketing agencies, are evolving and adapting to offer a more integrated service. Some of you may think that it’s a revenue raising tactic, but evidence and statistics show that the way in which people are consuming content online spreads across not only different types of digital mediums, but across different internet connected devices as well If you’re only utilising one of these channels and, if one of these channels has only been optimised for one specific device, you’re missing out on a large proportion of the population.

Here at SponsoredLinX we pride ourselves on delivering hybrid marketing solutions for all our clients. Taking control of your digital marketing plan enables business owners to dictate exactly how customers consume content about their brand. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call on 1300 859 600 to speak with a member of our Digital Strategy team.