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How Can I Reach More People With My Facebook Posts?

If you have noticed your Facebook ‘reach’, which is the number of people who see your posts, has been decreasing in the last couple of months you are not alone!

Late last year Facebook made some fairly significant changes to the algorithm that determines how many people see your posts. They have done this to build a better user experience, by ensuring the most engaging and relevant content only is being seen by a large audience. While this sounds like bad news, it most definitely is not.

Providing you can alter your content strategy to adjust to the changes, your posts can continue to achieve a large reach to a much more relevant audience.

So how do you do this?

1 – Post times

The time of day that you post your content is more critical than ever. Each page’s audience is unique, there are no ‘golden times’ to post which will work on any page. Testing and analysis should be conducted to determine the time of day that your audience are most active on Facebook. This ensures you have the best chance of increased engagement with your posts, which will lead to a greater reach.

2 – Post types

There are certain things Facebook are looking for when determining how many people see your posts. A post with an image will be shown to more people than a text only post. A news article that is shared will also rate well. Posts that have a high level of engagement will shoot up the rankings. Your weekly content should contain a good mix of news, engagement posts, soft-sell promotional posts, educational/informative posts and interactive posts.

3 – Consistency

Facebook will reward a page that consistently posts quality content which is well engaged. You need to ensure that there is structure around the scheduling of your posts, and that you are consistently putting up the right type of posts at the right time.

Coming up with the content is the easy part! Making it reach as many people as possible organically is going to become increasingly difficult. It is important you put time into ensuring your content is working for you. Don’t just ‘throw it up when you can’.

If you are an existing SponsoredLinX Facebook client you should be speaking with your client manager about the best strategy for your page.

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