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A Social Media Faux Pas That Both Big and Small Businesses Make

Social Media can be a harsh mistress at times. Quite often this seems increasing true for small businesses who don’t have the time or money to employ someone to look after your company’s social media accounts full time. In saying that, just because a company is large and may even have a social media ‘expert’ to post for them doesn’t necessarily mean they are better at social media engagement. There is one social media mistake that big and small companies alike make when posting status updates. What is this fatal mistake? You may ask.

Broadcast messages. These are status updates that are all about a product you sell or your company. It doesn’t speak or engage with your followers; it broadcasts, very loudly, at them!
They also come off lifeless and generate. These posts are not clever or interactive or even remotely interesting to your customers. Marketing via social media is an entirely different beast to traditional promotion tactics, which usually only have a conversion rate of about 2%. Yuck! You can see why customers wouldn’t want to engage with you after that.