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Increase Brand Awareness

3 Cost Effective Platforms That Will Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most common issues to occur among small and start-up businesses is the lack of knowledge that some in regards to how to effectively market themselves in order to increase brand awareness. Whether you have a minimal or a large budget, at SponsoredLinX we have the know how to help you implement three cost-effective platforms into your advertising campaign.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a service run by Google that provides brands with the opportunity to advertise and market their products across the web. The platforms that AdWords advertise on are mobile devices, search sites and most websites that the chosen target audience visits. Through this platform, you are provided with an option to set your own budget for your campaigns and only pay when your ad is clicked. By using Google AdWords, you can choose which of your ideal demographic or target audience views your advertisements. For example, a hotel might show their ads on a site that sells plane tickets, providing their audience with the option to stay with them when they travel. This cost-effective platform gives businesses, no matter the size, the opportunity to increase brand awareness whilst providing them with the option to adjust their campaigns to align with their chosen budget.

Increase Brand Awareness

Social Media Advertising

When it comes to marketing your brand and products on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, there are various forms of paid advertising on offer. However, despite the range of options that are presented to you, all of these social platforms have one thing in common: advanced targeting options. Social media provides you with the opportunity to tailor towards your chosen demographic and market your brand towards them. These platforms give you the option to limit your spend and stay true to your budget. As a small business, social media advertising is an ideal platform as you have access to millions of potential customers online. Why try your luck with radio or print ads when you’re not certain if they’ll reach your intended audience? In the case of social media, whether you decide to simply choose one platform or even multiple, the opportunities to increase brand awareness are seemingly endless.

Increase Brand Awareness

Industry Awards

No matter which field you’re in, most industries offer businesses the chance to win prestigious awards for a number of categories. Winning awards results in organic attention which, in turn, drives an audience towards your business. Industry awards not only provide you with the opportunity to build a reputation and put your foot in the door, it’ll gather attention from an audience that may potentially become customers. They provide you with a winning situation to spread your name across the business world, validate your performance with recognition and create new and potential clientele.

Increase Brand Awareness

As the world of marketing continues to expand, maintaining a good visibility for your brand can prove challenging, however, not impossible. By using one, or all of these 3 platforms to boost your brand’s visibility, you are creating massive amounts of potential to drive traffic towards your products and your brand.

At SponsoredlinX, we have a dedicated team of AdWords and social media experts that are dedicated to helping small to medium businesses across the globe. To find out more about how you can increase brand awareness, contact SponsoredLinX today on 1300 859 600.