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It’s Time to Get Vocal About Local!

  When many people initially think about ‘Local Search’ they imagine the local corner shop around the block. Or they might even imagine the local group of shops near their workplace, business or home. All of these thoughts are correct, but Local Search is so much more than this, which is why Local Search for
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Story-selling with Facebook

Let’s face it, in business it’s never about you; it’s all about your customer. This isn’t easy with the struggles of feeling burnt out, alone and from wearing ‘too many hats’. The truth is though that customers aren’t interested in you or your story, so you need to think of a different way to get
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Forecasting your Budget for Facebook

“How much should I be spending on my Facebook ads?”…It’s a hard question to answer, especially if using Facebook to build your business is a new thing for you. The Social Networking giant isn’t a young gun, being founded over 11 years ago, but it’s only now that small to medium businesses are starting to
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Creating Content for Social Media

Content Marketing doesn’t just exist within the realm of email marketing, websites and blogging. The world of social media is now one of the most compelling reasons for users to jump on the Internet. You’ve got Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr… the list really does go on and on, and truthfully,
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Long Live the Video Content King!

You could be forgiven for thinking that with the enormous jump in popularity of visual content that you now need to be a mini-blockbuster producer on top of a business owner. Umm… yeah, right! The truth of the matter is that users on social media are engaging with visual content in all of its forms,
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Build Your Business Empire with Facebook

If you can utilise Social Media wisely, investing in effective Facebook Management can equal a serious Return on Investment. Facebook comfortably fits into the SponsoredLinX ethos of Traffic > Conversion > Engagement on all levels. It helps to drive traffic to your business, it helps to convert your leads, and it certainly helps in continuously
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