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Top reasons you should be using SEO

With so many options available for attracting more visitors to your website, how do you know which method to use? I guess it depends on where your customers are searching for you. Are they looking on Facebook, Google and Yahoo? One thing everyone knows for sure is that Google is the market leader in Search
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New privacy requirements for Google AdWords Advertisers

From May 17th 2011, Google will be introducing new policy guidelines for many of their advertisers. Now, if you are to advertise on AdWords, you need to ensure you are safeguarding users’ personal and financial details if you collect them on your website. These new requirements are going to affect businesses that request some sort
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How to choose a good AdWords Management company.

Over the last couple of years there has been a boom in Pay Per Click Advertising (such as Google AdWords). This boom has since led to the sudden appearance of many companies offering Google AdWords Management, most of which appear to be staffed by people with as much knowledge of Google AdWords as you, potentially
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How a PPC Advertising campaign can leverage your SEO Strategies.

Many business experts have been saying for a while now that for best visibility/growth etc you need to diversify your online advertising strategies. Sure, putting all your proverbial eggs into one basket does mean you will be able to commit more of your time to getting results but it also means you’re going to be
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SponsoredLinx CEO Ben Bradshaw Receives SmartCompany’s Hot 30 Under 30 Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Local internet marketing pioneer and founder and CEO of Australia’s largest Australian owned AdWords Management Company, 27-year-old Ben Bradshaw, has recently been named in the Hot 30 Under 30 2011 line-up. described Mr. Bradshaw, whose business SponsoredLinx operates from its Annerley premises, as ‘something akin to a Jedi
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Google AdWords Phishing Scam Emails

Google AdWords has confirmed the discovery of a large email phishing scam attempt on their Google AdWords customers’ accounts.

Preventing Google AdWords Competitor Click Fraud

The security of Google AdWords advertisers is a top priority for Google, and Click Fraud is a growing concern for small business; with research showing a rise of click fraud by almost 20% in 2010. Some competitors will deliberately generate and click on your ads repeatedly in an attempt to exhaust your daily budget sooner
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The Google AdWords Position Preference feature is being removed

In early May 2011, Google will be removing the Position Preference feature in AdWords and disabling it in any campaigns still using it. The Position Preference feature allowed you to tell Google which specific ad positions you preferred your Ads to be displayed on. EG if you found your Ads were getting the best results
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Online Shopping Trends

More and more people are now jumping online to make purchases, with almost 90% of Australian internet users now making online transactions. This is probably due to the fact that more and more households now have easy access to the internet. In 1998 only 1/8th of households had internet access, whereas in 2007, ¾ of
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A Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Google AdWords

There are several reasons why you might want to manage your own AdWords account – you control the keywords that will bring the best visitors to your website, you decide how much those customers will cost per click and you set the marketing budget. But you might feel happier leaving an expert to do the
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