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The Scrapbooker’s Confetti Box

Client Video Summary


The Scrapbooker’s Confetti Box is a shop in Swansea, NSW specialising in arts and crafts tools and workshops for creating beautiful scrapbooks. Carol, the owner, named it after what her son used to call “the box that the paper offcuts go into” from her scrapbooking. Having recently relocated her business into a larger retail space just prior to Covid, Carol knew that growing her online sales was going to be crucial to her success in the following uncertain months. She was already running some Google Ads when she approached SponsoredLinx, however saw the value in having a trained expert and dedicated account manager that would provide expert advice and guidance. After consulting with Carol, our team at SponsoredLinX set up improved targeting and optimisation strategies using higher converting channels such as Google Shopping campaigns that would improve Carol’s quality score, increase her ad positions and ultimately, lead to more digital sales and leads. To date, we have successfully broadened and improved Carol’s digital presence and she now receives a 1:14 Return on Ad Spend. For every $1.00 spent on ads, The Scrapbooker’s Confetti Box makes back an average of $14.00, and now has to carry more stocks in-store due to the increase in demand and sales.


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