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Kippa’s Giftware

Client Video Summary


Arlene owns Kippa’s giftware – specialising in an assortment of occasion goods and seasonal presents. With two retail shops already under her belt, like many others during Coronavirus, Arlene knew she had to move online to remain competitive. After poor experiences with other digital marketing agencies that didn’t give her ads the proper time and attention, Arlene signed up to SponsoredLinX where her online sales have continued to grow. In such a competitive and seasonal industry, it was imperative to grow Arlene’s online presence and maximise the relevancy of her ads during seasonal peaks and troughs to cut through the noise. The team at SponsoredLinX started Kippa’s giftware on both Search and Google Shopping campaigns to reach Arlene’s objectives of generating quality traffic and increasing sales by isolating higher intent customers. Once these leads were secured, the team focused on brand awareness, increasing the ad’s relevancy to ensure higher positions and ensuring that this traffic is consistent by also running Display and Remarketing campaigns to compliment the initial strategy. Since coming on board, Kippa’s giftware’s website visits have increased over 100%, they have generated over 300 online sales during this period and Arlene’s cost per click has decreased by 36%, meaning Arlene is getting an increased return on her marketing investment due to better optimisation.



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