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Riverside Cattery

Client Video Summary


Andrew and his wife own Riverside Cattery, a cattery in Christchurch that offers personalised, boutique feline accommodation with tailored stays ranging from garden views to senior suites. The couple acquired the business wanting to become the number 1 cattery in the area. However, the digital marketing campaigns that the previous owner had invested in were unoptimised and automated. After reading about SponsoredLinx online, Andrew approached us wanting to apply more advanced targeting strategies to achieve their goals. We built him a landing page using Coverto with a stronger call-to- action and started running Display and Search Ads to it. We also set up Return-on-ad-spend targets and tracking for him so that we could make better recommendations based on the specific needs of his business. This increased business means that Riverside Cattery has had consistent bookings locally and has thrived despite COVID and the decrease in international travel and has been able to triple their business.


Increase exposure 

locally in Christchurch

Increase bookings 

consistently through the year

Become the number 1 

cattery in Christchurch, NZ




online bookings



click-through rate